Siobhan O’Malley & Wayne Langford – Meat the Need

In our last newsletter we featured the work Siobhan O’Malley and Wayne Langford have been doing with their new charitable venture ‘Meat the Need’. 

Tune in to this podcast where Siobhan and Wayne talk about how and why they got started on the ‘Meat the Need’ charity concept.

To find out more about Meat the Need charity or to donate click here: https://meattheneed.org/

Anna Nelson’s work for King Country River Care Group

Anna Nelson, 2016 Kellogger, is currently working as the Co-ordinator for King Country River Care Group.

Anna recently featured on Sarah’s Country where she talked about the work she has been doing for the King Country River Care Group who have been awarded an $844K grant to support clean waterways in the King Country.

Click here to listen to Sarah’s Country podcast >>>

Programme partners update

We were pleased to welcome LIC on board as a Programme Partner in June this year with the signing of a three-year agreement.

Our partnership with LIC helps support NZ Rural Leaders mission to grow world class leaders capable of local, national and international impact.

LIC is a herd improvement and agri-technology co-operative that empowers farmers through the delivery of superior genetics and technology.

Find out more about LIC here.

Rural Leaders are pleased to have re-signed a three year partnership agreement with GlobalHQ in July.

GlobalHQ is a data and information business supporting New Zealand Agripreneurs, including every farmer in the country. Their brands include Farmers Weekly, Dairy Farmer, Onfarm Story,  Agri HQ, Farmer’s Voice, Sarah’s Country.

We thank GlobalHQ for their continued support in helping us deliver the Kellogg and Nuffield programmes.

Find out more about Global HQ here.

NZTE Funding Assistance for Kellogg Applicants

Rural Leaders are now registered with the NZTE business Capability Scheme. applicants may be eligible to receive funding assistance up to 50% of the Kellogg course fee.

Kellogg applicants now may be eligible to receive funding assistance up to 50% of their course fee.​

Do you qualify for funding?

The following criteria will be used by the Regional Business Partners to identify whether or not your business qualifies for funding:

  • Have undergone an assessment with a Regional Business Partner (i.e. Growth Advisor)
  • Have fewer than 50 full time employees.
  • Are registered for GST in New Zealand
  • Are operating in a commercial environment.
  • Are a privately owned business, or are a Māori Trust or incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 or similar organisation managing Maori assets under multiple ownership.
  • Demonstrate a desire to innovate and grow.

For more information or to apply for the funding available through NZTE, please visit their website.

Or click here to find out more about the new Kellogg Regional Initiatives.

To receive updates on Kellogg courses and initiatives, register your interest here:

Kellogg Regional Courses

Step up in 2021 - be part of a Kellogg in Tai Tokerau!

Rural Leaders are excited to announce the first regionally hosted Kellogg Rural Leadership programme in Tai Tokerau (Whangarei) in February 2021.

The programme will retain the same format as the Kellogg Programme hosted at Lincoln University. However, the first  and last residential phases will be hosted in Whangarei. The second phase remains in Wellington where participants will still meet political and industry leaders and understand how the sector comes together at a national level.

The benefits of doing a Kellogg in Tai Tokerau if you’re from the region:

  • Less travel and costs involved, and less time spent away from family and business commitments
  • A chance to connect and network with other participants both from within the Northland region and from outside the region
  • An opportunity to form regional teams to drive projects of strategic importance to your region
  • Exposure to industry and strategic leaders and influencers that will allow you to get a deep insight into how the community of rural practitioners comes together
  • Join a national alumni of nearly 1000 Kelloggers

Course dates:

  • Phase 1 – Whangarei
    23 February – 3 March 2021
  • Phase 2 – Wellington
    24 May – 28 May 2021
  • Phase 3 – Whangarei
    16 August – 9 August 2021

Applications close: Sunday 15th November 2020

Programme costs & available grants:

The six-month full course fee is $4,900 plus GST. 

The programme is kept to a minimum cost through the generous support of our industry partners who are investing in leadership development across the agri-food sector. Additionally:

  • Rural Leaders are now registered with the NZTE business Capability Scheme. Find out whether your SME business or employer is eligible for a 50% discount off the course cost through NZTE.
  • Whangarei A&P Society are generously offering a $6K Scholarship  for one successful Northland based applicant on the Kellogg Programme in Tai Tokerau.  Find out more about the scholarship.


If you’re interested in doing a Kellogg in Tai Tokerau click here to fill out an application form, or fill in your details below and we will keep you updated with more information on this course.