Applications for the next Lincoln-based programme close 14 November 2021.


Who is this
programme for? 

The Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme is for individuals who are passionate about developing themselves and contributing to their community and industry. We particularly encourage applications from farmers, producers, growers as well as people involved in the wider agribusiness sector. 

Every course combination includes farmers, growers, producers as well as agribusiness professionals, so that exchanges in front and behind the farm gate occur.

If you have:

  • Passion and motivation to be a leader of change – in your industry, community or business
  • Appreciation for different perspectives in solving problems
  • An understanding of the challenges on both sides of the farm gate
  • An interest in critical thinking
  • An interest in design thinking.

If you aspire to:

  • Understand your leadership style and how to better lead teams
  • Gain an understanding of political advocacy (and how to influence decision making)
  • Grow your knowledge about the rural economy
  • Build industry wide networks and friendships (developed through the course)
  • Develop a cross sector understanding
  • Learn more about leadership in the food and fibre sector
  • Take on leadership roles in your community or industry.

We recommend you have an idea before of your research topic before you start the programme.  We also recommend that you succinctly put that idea into a one page document and send to us before the programme commences.

Note: we highly recommend that you are passionate about your topic as you’ll be doing a lot of reading, research and design thinking around your topic. This makes the process much easier and enjoyable.

We recommend a commitment from you of around 300 – 400 hours to complete your research topic. It also helps if you start working on your report right at the beginning of the programme. The best way is to set aside an hour a night so you don’t have to cram at the last minute. So do a little bit often.  It also helps to take some time away from your priorities now and again to review your research.  You will have access to our Academic Director who will assist you in the report writing process.

The length of your report will be 20,000 words (+diagrams and appendix) – which is around 25 pages.

The programme is delivered over six months in three phases.

Phase 1 – Residential phase at Lincoln University over nine days which provides you with a toolbox of learning skills – for example:

  • Presentation skills, leadership skills, critical and design thinking and research skills.
  • Break out meetings to discuss your project topic with the Academic Director
  • A team building day
  • Sector overview and strategic insights on governance, Maori agriculture, Rural communities,
  • Panel discussions with Kellogg Alumni
  • Networking function

You will also break into smaller cohorts where you’ll have the opportunity to bounce ideas around, and form strong bonds and networks with a smaller group.

During phase 1 and phase 2 there will be a series of Zoom calls so that you can check in with your cohort on your progress.

Phase 2   – Is held in Wellington over 5 days where you’ll gain insight into the following:

  • The Political environment
  • How to influence decision making
  • The role of NGOs
  • Lobbying
  • How to prepare a submission
  • How legislation is created and how to get involved
  • You’ll meet with MPs and the Minister
  • Visit Parliament to experience question time
  • Visits with sector leaders, industry leaders, Govt chairs

There is also a networking function in Wellington – that you can invite someone along to attend.

Phase 3 – Residential phase at Lincoln University which is currently held over 4 days but we will be going to 5 days for the next programme.  During Phase 3:

  • Students present their individual reports to the group which are followed by Q&A sessions
  • A springboard discussion – where you’ll discuss what you’ll do next with your leadership aspirations and prepare your development plan
  • Graduation is on the last day of Phase 3 where you’ll be awarded with your Kellogg Graduation certificate

Note:  We ask participants to submit their reports 3 weeks prior to phase 3 commencing

Our programmes work in partnership with some of New Zealand’s leading agribusiness organisations – click here for more.​