Applications are open
For the Kellogg Tai Tokerau Course: 4 May – 21 October 2021

Who is this
Programme for? 

We are seeking applications from individuals who are passionate about developing themselves and contributing to their community and industry. We particularly encourage applications from farmers/producers/growers as well as people involved in the wider agribusiness sector. 

Every course combination includes farmers, growers, producers as well as agribusiness representatives, so that in front and behind the farm gate exchanges occur.

We aim to attract people who want to:

•Understand themselves and their leadership style, strengths and weaknesses,

• Learn how to better lead their teams

• Learn more about leadership in the wider agri-food sector

• Take on leadership roles in their community or industry sector

Our programme goals are to develop individuals who have

• Passion and motivation to be leaders of change – in their industry, community or business

• Self-knowledge and self-awareness; understand their strengths and how you can maximise these with leading others

• Critical thinking and analysis approach – apply critical analysis to what they read, hear and promote

• Design thinking application to problems – looking at problems and solutions in a different way.

• Appreciation of different perspectives – understanding of different challenges faced behind and in front of the farm gate

• Industry wide networks and friendships – developed through course and leaders introduced

• Understanding of political advocacy – how to influence decision making

• Agri-food industry knowledge growth – across sector understanding & appreciation of similarities and differences

Our programmes work in partnership with some of New Zealand’s leading agribusiness organisations – click here for more.​