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Rural leadership – taming the wicked problems

Farming in a Pressure Cooker

Farming Energy

Future Farm Workplaces

Can we farm without glyphosate?

Exporting Aotearoa: A new business model for nutrition and health-focused export companies

Farm planning for a sustainable future.

Enabling better environmental outcomes in agriculture.

Energy use in New Zealand’s primary food production chains and a transition to lower emissions.

On farm biosecurity: The importance of the farm gate.

Broken food systems: Developing a citizen centric New Zealand food strategy.

Growing value for New Zealand’s Red Meat Industry: Ensuring we build quality and life long connections with consumers.

Developing an online sales strategy for New Zealand: How New Zealand agri-food producers can leverage mobile technology to add more value.

The Innovative farmer: Generating innovation through a farmer and grower-led system of innovation.

Effective industry collaboration of environmental gains.

How can pastoral Dairy Farming remain competitive.

Community-Centric innovation and the regenerative farming frontier.

China Dairy: the growth of an industry.

Will it have legs: An investigation into synthetic food and the implications for NZ agriculture.

Defining our Kaupapa: New Zealand’s role in the future of global agriculture.

Agribusiness governance: Finding the green zone.

Why being true to brand New Zealand is the best option for New Zealand agriculture.

Accepting Price Volatility or Managing for Price Stability is a choice.

Navigating constraints: Primary producers coping in changing contexts.

How can self-awareness and self-reflection ignite a farmer’s motivation to engage in leadership.

Business plan for the NZ sheep dairy industry.

Capturing value.

The use of mobile technology in the red meat sector.

How does an agricultural business maintain its essence and become better at fulfilling its purpose.

Can generating gas and electricity be the solution to New Zealand dairy effluent management.

Global potato production: Helping feed the world.

Good to great extension: Influencing on farm change at pace and scale.

Synergies between arable and dairy: With a focus on effluent and nutrients.

Harnessing social media in agriculture.

New technologies in arable farming.

Supporting entrepreneurship in New Zealand agriculture.

Understanding the drivers for creation and adoption of Innovation by farmers; on and off farm.

“Hello New Zealand wool: this is the future speaking…”

Understanding our asian customers.

Farmer adaption to change with the threat of regulation.

Catchment management strategies.

How do dairy co-operatives grow for farmers’ benefit.

A review of the current New Zealand situation and recommendations for the future.

Supply chain relationships and value chain design.

Family business continuance: A global perspective.

Animal welfare, environmental, & ethical issues affecting the value of NZ’s pastoral products.

Indigenous peoples and how they have adapted to modern farming practices.

Bio-Fuels: Food or Fuel?

Understanding the carbon footprint in farming systems.

Bridging the divide: How farmers can improve their relationships with non-farmers.

Sustainability of agricultural systems regarding nutrient losses.

Meat Supply Chains and Climate Change: how Meat supply chains may be affected by climate change.

Adding value to New Zealand milk.

Integration of conservation and farm production.

Primary industry investment in longer term research and innovation.

Corporate governance in agricultural co-operatives.

The importance of innovation in the New Zealand agricultural industry.

Staffing solutions for primary Industries: Managing people and change to grow a successful agribusiness.

Capital structures of large co-operatives.

To GE or not to GE? New Zealand’s dilemma.

Sustainable farm irrigation systems.

A brief guide to biotechnology In New Zealand farming.

Retaining Co-operative characteristics amid globalisation.

Deregulation in the UK corporates vs dairy industry animal welfare, food safety and environmental issues.

Integrated fruit production

A study of European farming practices.

Pasture to plate: how farms change to match rapidly changing consumer.

The social effects of a common agricultural policy.

European dairy farming technologies.

A six month study of farming in Brittan.

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