Programme Overview

The Kellogg Rural Leadership programme is a modern delivery platform facilitating participants to expand their ‘contextual intelligence’ and the critical thinking required for effective leadership

The Programme has a strong management and delivery team with the Programme Leader and high calibre presenters from the New Zealand agri-food & business sector as well as leadership workshop specialists. 

Course Format

The six-month course includes 18 days of programmed content delivered in three residential-based phases and course project report between Phase 1 and Phase 3. 

Course content is varied and intensive by design with presentations, case studies, field trips, discussions and group work as well as a self-directed project of personal interest.

Each day there is a review session which pulls together the threads and key discussion points to consolidate learnings.

Phase 1: Leadership Tools And Industry Contexts

Nine-day (8 night) residential module at Lincoln University
Focus: Phase 1 is made up of three key components which provide the foundation for the course.

• Leadership skills and tools including personal and team styles & outcomes, design thinking, critical analysis tools, design thinking approaches

• Leadership Applications – of skills and tools in various situational contexts

• Leadership Strategic Contexts – specific focus on NZ Agrifood sector strategies and leadership challenges.

Phase 2: Political, Economic And Environmental Contexts

Four-day (3 night) residential in Wellington

Focus: Phase 2 is held in Wellington to gain greater insights into the political and economic macro environment and decision making and policy development contexts. Focus is on how to engage and influence decision making at local, regional and central government and industry level.

The leadership contexts and personal leadership styles are personalised with the opportunity to meet and discuss with political, industry and business leaders around their individual leadership experiences challenges, and personal leadership approach.

Phase 3: Leadership Application Goal Setting

4 day (3 night) residential at Lincoln University.

Focus:  Phase 3 is the culmination of the project work and the opportunity to demonstrate the application of research, presentation and critical analysis skills before colleagues and industry representatives with questioning and discussion, followed by peer feedback. 

Case studies and industry leader challenges also provide further application of learnings.  Goal setting for the future including personal brand identification and presentation provide the platform for ongoing leadership development.


Course Report Project

The Individual research project is undertaken between phase 1 and phase 3 of the course. 

Focus: Participants choose a topic of interest and value which can contribute to developing leadership outcomes and aspirations. The project brings together problem/research question definition, research tool application, critical analysis, management report writing and presentation.