Video Testimonials:

Richard Fowler 

Sam Lang

Sharon Morrell

Ben Allomes

Lucy Griffiths

Written Testimonials:

2014 Nuffield NZ Scholar
Mel Poulton

“I highly recommend the Nuffield scholarship if you are someone that loves a challenge, thrives on adventure and the unexpected. If jumping in the deep end wholeheartedly and rising up to represent our nation and primary industry is something you’ll take on then you already embrace the essence of Nuffield. If you are hungry to learn and are prepared to take on significant shifts in your thinking to bring back to the New Zealand Primary industry then a Nuffield scholarship is for you – it’s what you make it. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Go for it and give it everything you’ve got.”

2012 Nuffield NZ Scholar
Michael Tayler

“I was once told that to complete a Nuffield scholarship would be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. With some encouragement and these words ringing in my ears in late 2011 I decided to apply. While I have always been aware of the strong reputation of a Nuffield scholarship I really had little idea what it involved.Now over 18 months later as I reflect on the past year I understand how fortunate I am and what a fantastic opportunity I have had. Strength of agriculture globally is the willingness of its people to share ideas allowing different countries to learn from each other. Whether it is meeting with world trade negotiators in Switzerland or learning from a silk worm farmer in southern India, a Nuffield scholarship allows you access to that. During my scholarship I have gained an invaluable network of contacts and many genuine friends that will stay with me for life.

Overall doing “a Nuffield” has far exceeded my expectations and has been an invaluable experience in so many ways. At times it has been challenging but it has also been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had and I would have no hesitation recommending a Nuffield scholarship to others.”

2011 Nuffield NZ Scholar
David Campbell

“If you are reading this, contemplating whether to apply for a Nuffield Scholarship you need to know four things about the Nuffield experience. It will:

  1. change your life
  2. globalise your perspective
  3. connect you with great people and
  4. challenge you to become a robust and visionary leader
    Those seeking a prescribed, watered down, spoon fed, over in a week leadership course to grace their CV should not apply.

The best thing about my Nuffield experience was being alone in China, remote from my everyday life, determined to find some answers in a place that presented only questions and where asking them was a challenge! Being ‘in at the deep end’ is the best way to truly challenge and grow yourself and a Nuffield Scholarship presents no shortage of such opportunities.

Completing a Nuffield scholarship has grown my confidence, built global networks, focused my vision and strengthened my resolve to make a positive contribution to our sector. A Nuffield scholarship undertaken to its fullest will induce the best life crisis you’ve ever had!”

2010 Nuffield NZ Scholar
Desiree Reid

“Nuffield was a life-changing experience for me. I thought I would learn only about my subject, but the lessons learned on the road were all encompassing. From time in Europe, North and South America, China and South East Asia, I will continue to draw upon the scholarship experience for a long time yet.

Three years on and Nuffield hasn’t finished. I don’t think it ever will. The Nuffield Network continues to open doors and introduce exciting new ideas, both through new travels and hosting scholars from around the world coming to New Zealand.”