Why Choose Nuffield?

A Nuffield Farming Scholarship is one of New Zealand’s most valued and prestigious awards in the primary industry sector and part of a global agri-food network promoting global vision, leadership and innovation.

The Nuffield global network provides scholars with access to international leaders in the agri-food sector, and the best production, management and marketing systems around the globe. New Zealand scholars have been hosted by institutions, organisations and businesses varying greatly in purpose and scale – from the White House in the United States to a Girl’s Agricultural School in  Kenya.

The 12-month programme allows participants to spend time away from the business and travel to observe, immerse, reflect and learn about global agricultural practices and the contexts they are operating in. The experience helps scholars gain new insights and ideas to bring back to New Zealand to share, implement and influence positively, decisions that affect the agri-food sector and our rural communities. 

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Nuffield International

The Nuffield Farming Scholarship started in the aftermath of the Second World War by Lord Nuffield, industrialist and philanthropist.

Nuffield History

Lord Nuffield initiated a travelling scholarship scheme for British and Empire farmers.

The reason was twofold – to recognise their contribution to feeding the nation through the war and as a method of advancing best practice in agriculture around the world.

The first two scholars were selected in 1947. Jane Kenyon and Edward Stokes from the UK paved the way for some 1000 scholars from eight participating countries that have since travelled the world studying the best agricultural practice, wherever it may be.

Nuffield International Member Countries

From Brussels to Washington; from the paddy fields of Asia and the fantastically productive farmlands in the Americas to the most sophisticated and technologically-advanced farming in the other parts of the world, Nuffield scholars have created an unrivalled network of agriculturalists that are at the leading edge of their profession worldwide.

Each year, the seven countries now participating in the scheme award more than 70 scholarships to emerging agriculture leaders. All newly selected scholars meet at the Contemporary Scholars Conference to exchange experience and knowledge and gain understanding of agriculture of the host nation and globally.

The International Organisation

Nuffield International is a non-profit organisation with a governance board made up of a representative of each member country and two independent appointees. The organization coordinates activities and provides support to the member countries which manage their own agricultural scholarship programmes annually as part of building the most important resource in agriculture – leaders. Each country’s scholarship programme is funded by contributions from their investor partners including agribusinesses and primary sector organisations.

Nuffield International is charged with developing new members with targeted countries securing sponsorship to provide international Scholarships each year to applicants from non-member countries.

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