Madison Pannett on GenZ in the primary sector.

Madison Pannett is a 2021 Kellogg Scholar who recently made the news with her Kellogg research on attracting Generation Z into the primary industries.  

You can review her report here, Generation Z and the environment – how can we use their passion to attract them into food and fibre sector careers?

In a nutshell the report takes a close look at how and why the sector’s careers need to be more aligned with this influential generation’s values. 

The interview with Radio New Zealand’s Jesse Mulligan is short and to the point. For anyone looking to bring new talent into their operation, it’s well worth the five-minute investment.  

Madison speaks about the way the primary sector’s economic performance is the most common messaging theme in media, something GenZ are not generally interested in or motivated by.  

According to her research, GenZ are motivated by environmental issues and their ability to make a bigger difference to them. She concludes, a job should be spoken about in terms of how it fits into the bigger picture, particularly regarding global warming – rather than in financial or economic terms.  

Listen to Jesse Mulligan interview Madison below. 

You can also read an earlier article published in the Waikato Herald. In this article Madison also talks about how we might inspire young people into the primary sector. 

Follow the link to read the article on website.

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