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The ‘Ideas that Grow’ podcast is bought to you by Rural Leaders. Our mission is to grow world class leaders through the Nuffield NZ Farming Scholarship and Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme.

The podcast series draws on the insights from innovative rural leaders, to help plant ideas that grow, so our regions can flourish.

All guests are arranged by Rural Leaders. Ideas That Grow is presented in association with our supporting partner Farmer’s Weekly.

And in case you are wondering, Pāhautea is a maori word, meaning ‘flourishing.’

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July 2021 episode

Trish Rankin on doing better with farm rubbish 

In this month’s episode, Bryan Gibson talks to Trish Rankin.  

In 2019 Trish was Dairy Woman of the year and completed the Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme in the same year. For her research report she looked at on-farm rubbish and the ‘take, make, dispose’ economy that creates it.  

Trish discusses responsibly tackling the rubbish a farm can generate and some strategies that improve on the past’s ‘throw it in a hole’ thinking. Trish wants us all to do better with rubbish. 

Listen to the full episode here

Read Trish Kellogg report What a waste: My story

If you’d like to profile your research or any innovative work in your business, industry or community that you’ve been working on since your studies then please get in touch Matt Hampton at matthampton@ruralleaders.co.nz