Our Scholars

2023 Nuffield Scholars

Kylie Leonard, 2023 Nuffield New Zealand Scholar


Kylie Leonard is a Taupo based Dairy Farmer, Governance Specialist, and dual Board Chair.

Kylie Leonard was elected to the Fonterra Cooperative Council in 2020 and serves on the Cooperative culture committee. She is also on the Taupo District Council, representing the East Rural Ward, a Director of Vetora and is a Trustee of Hillary Outdoors.

James Allen, 2023 Nuffield New Zealand Scholar


James Allen is a Waikato based Agribusiness Consultant and Managing Director. James Allen is CEO of AgFirst, and his consultancy work is focused on business planning, farm systems design, environmental management, and agribusiness project work, both nationally and internationally.

James is also the president of the New Zealand Fieldays Society, a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management, and a previous national president of New Zealand Young Farmers.

Kerry Worsnop, 2023 Nuffield New Zealand Scholar


Kerry Worsnop is a Gisborne based Sheep and Beef Farmer, Company Trustee, and Environmental Consultant.

Inspired by extramural study, the next few years incorporated various roles in the community and employment, building a toolkit based on resource management skills and a passion for interface between policy and the ‘real world’. This interest led to a three-year term as a Gisborne District Councillor.


Matt Iremonger, 2023 Nuffield New Zealand Scholar

Matt Iremonger

Matt Iremonger is a Sheep and Beef and Dairy Farmer who operates diverse portfolio of pastoral farms on Banks Peninsula and in the Ellesmere district in Canterbury.

Matt studied at Lincoln University graduating with a BCom (Hons) and completed the Rabobank Executive Development Program in 2017.



2022 Nuffield Scholars

Parmindar Singh, 2022 Nuffield New Zealand Scholar

Parmindar Singh

Parmindar is a fourth generation New Zealand dairy farmer of Indian descent. A company director and independent consultant, she is near completion of her master’s degree at Waikato University.

Anthony Taueki, 2022 Nuffield New Zealand Scholar

Anthony Taueki

A horticulturalist from the Hawke’s Bay, Anthony is of Ngati Kahungunu descent. He leads, organises, and conducts horticulture courses and training programmes with Fruition Horticulture, New Zealand Apples and Pears, Tatau Tatau o te Wairoa, Ministry of Social Development and Ngati Kahungunu Inc.

Lucie Douma, 2022 Nuffield New Zealand Scholar


Lucie is of Dutch descent and is based in Wellington. She currently leads a new team at the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) that is looking at disruptions to the domestic food and fibre supply chains, and primary sector COVID recovery.


2021 Nuffield Scholars

Lynsey Stratford sq

Lynsey Stratford

Lynsey is an equity partner in a 420 cow dairy farm on the Catlins coast in Curio Bay, Southland.

Den Anderson 2020 Nuffield Scholar

Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson is the owner and manager of a dry stock farm in the Central Hawkes Bay, with a focus on deer velvet. ​

Daniel Eb 2021 Nuffield NZ Scholar

Daniel Eb

Daniel comes from a family beef finishing block in Northland and is the Director of Dirt Road Comms in Auckland.

David Eade sq

David Eade

David and wife Harriet own a finishing block in Whanganui where they are focused on building ecological equity and high-quality produce through regenerative practices.

John Foley

John Foley

John is a Senior Seed Production Agronomist for PGG Wrightson Seeds. John’s role is in seed production research and precision agriculture.

2020 Nuffield Scholars

Tracy Brown

Tracy Brown

Tracy lives near Matamata on a 700 cow, 310ha farm ‘Tiroroa’ with husband Wynn and four children.

Shannon Harnett

Shannon Harnett

With experience in dairy, sheep & beef and horticulture, Shannon held senior management and accounting roles before becoming director at Rural Accountants.

Ben McLauchlan

Ben McLauchlan

Living in Rapaura, Marlborough, Ben owns and runs a 102H vineyard growing Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay grapes.

Phil Weir

Phil Weir

Living on the slopes of Mt Pirongia, 30 minutes from Hamilton, Phil is active in farming his co-owned 240ha drystock property with his wife Megan.

Edward Pinckney

Edward Pinckney

Edward has been involved in his family’s business since 2006, managing Morley Creek near Ohai.

2019 Nuffield New Zealand Scholars

Ben Hancock

Ben Hancock

Ben was raised on his family’s Wairarapa hill country sheep and beef cattle farm. He is now based in Wellington working for Beef + Lamb NZ as a Senior Analyst.

Hamish Marr

Hamish Marr

Hamish is a fifth generation, intensive arable farmer from Methven in the South Island.

Corrigan Sowman

Corrigan Sowman

Corrigan lives in the rural community of Golden Bay and is a partner and manager of the family's dairy farming business.

Cam Henderson

Cam Henderson

Cam owns and operates a 750 cow dairy farm near Oxford, North Canterbury.

Hamish Murray

Hamish Murray

Hamish and wife Jessica farm Bluff Station - a 13000 ha High Country property in Marlborough, South Island.


Andy Elliot
Twitter: @AndydElliot
Study Topic: Redefining Our NZ Food Export Proposition: A Focus on Nutrition & Health.

Simon Cook
Twitter: @TePukeSimon
Study Topic: On Farm Biosecurity. The Importance of the Farm Gate.

Kate Scott
Twitter: @katescoNZ
Study Topic: Enabling Better Environmental Outcomes in Agriculture.

Turi Mcfarlane
Twitter: @turi_mcfarlane
Study Topic: Farm Planning for a Sustainable Future.

Solis Norton
Twitter: @solisnorton1
Study Topic: Energy Use in New Zealand’s Primary Food Production Chains and a Transition to Lower Emissions. 


Jason Rolfe
Twitter: @jasonrolfe2
Study Topic: Developing an Online Sales Strategy for New Zealand Food

Mat Hocken
Twitter: @MatHocken
Study Topic: The Innovative Farmer Generating innovation through a farmer and grower-led system of innovation.
Mat’s profile

Rebecca Hyde
Twitter: @bechyde83
Study Topic: Effective Industry Collaboration for Environmental Gains

Nadine Porter
Twitter: @farmjourno
Study Topic: Citizen Centric positioning of the New Zealand Agri Food Sector

David Kidd
Twitter: @davidkidd2017
Study Topic: Growing value for New Zealand’s Red Meat Industry

Ryan O’Sullivan
Twitter: @nnz17ryan
Study Topic: The continued competitiveness of Grassed based farming


Jessica Bensemann
Twitter: @JessNuffield16
Study Topic: Internationalisation of New Zealand Agribusiness

Richard Fowler
Twitter: @fowlerr81
Study Topic: Cell cultured food and the potential impact on animal farming

Sam Lang
Twitter: @hillcountrykiwi
Study Topic: Regenerative Agriculture

Bede O’Connor
Twitter: @BedeFarm
Study Topic: How will the internal development of the China Dairy Industry effect New Zealand?

Tom Skerman
Twitter: @tskerman
Study Topic: Governance


Dan Steele
Twitter: @danblueduck
Study Topic: Adding Value Through Environmental Management

Ben Allomes
Twitter: @ballomes
Study Topic: Leveraging off Human Capability

Satwant Singh
Twitter: @satwantksingh
Study Topic: Managing Farm Income Volatility

Sharon Morrell
Twitter: @DairyingBOP
Study Topic: Communities Coping With Limits


Paul Olsen
Twitter: @olsenagri
Study Topic: Global Potato Production – Helping Feed the World

John Murphy
Follow John johnmurphy14.wordpress.com
Twitter: @NZGarlic
Study Topic: How does an agricultural business maintain its essence and become better at fulfilling its purpose?

Lucy Griffiths (nee Cruikshank)
Follow Lucy innov8aotearoa.blogspot.co.nz
Twitter: @Innov8Aotearoa
Study Topic: Business Plan for the NZ Sheep Dairy Industry

Mel Poulton
Follow Mel poultononthewing.wordpress.com
Twitter: @MelWNI
Study Topic: Capturing Value

Daniel Shand
Follow Daniel danshand.wordpress.com
Twitter: @nzprimarily
Study Topic: The use of mobile technology in the red meat sector


Tafadzwa Manjala
Follow Tafi http://nuffield2013.blogspot.com.au/
Twitter: @TafadzwaManjala
Study Topic: Good to Great Extension – Influencing on farm change at pace and scale

Sophie Stanley
Follow Sophie http://sophiestanley.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @sophiethekiwi
Study Topic: Harnessing Social Media in Agriculture

Lisa Harper
Follow Lisa http://harpernuffield13.blogspot.com.au/
Study Topic: Supporting entrepreneurship in New Zealand agriculture

Natasha King
Follow Natasha http://gonenuffing.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @NatashaKingNZ
Study Topic: Can Generating Gas and Electricity be the Solution to New Zealand Dairy Effluent Management?

Stephen Wilkins
Follow Steve http://stevewilkinsnuffield.blogspot.co.nz/
Twitter: @SteveWilkins10
Study Topic: Synergies between arable and dairy – With a focus on effluent and nutrients


Sandra Faulkner
Study Topic: Maximising Farmer Value within the Natural Fibre Supply Chain 

Richard Fitzgerald
Study Topic: Capability Development of Farmers through Farmer Networks

Michael Tayler
Study Topic: Future Technologies in Arable Farming


Nicola Waugh
Study Topic: Farmer Adaptation to Change with the Threat of Regulation

David Campbell
Study Topic: Understanding Our Asian Customers


Paul McGill
Study Topic: Catchment Management Strategies

Desiree Reid
Study Topic: How Do Dairy Co-Operatives Grow For Farmers’ Benefit?

Ian Knowles
Study Topic: Agriculture Education and Training in New Zealand


Alex Jack
Study Topic: Animal Welfare, Environmental and Ethical Issues Affecting The Value Of New Zealand’s Pastoral Products

Mandi McLeod
Study Topic: Family Business Continuance: A Global Perspective

Gregg Pardoe
Study Topic: Indigenous Peoples and How They Have Adapted To Modern Farming Practices


James Parsons
Study Topic: Supply Chain Relationships and Value Chain Design

Ali Undorf-Lay
Study Topic: Bridging the Divide

Craige Mackenzie
Study Topic: Understanding the Carbon Footprint in Farming Systems


Les Keeper
Study Topic: Adding Value to New Zealand Milk

Jane Mitchell
Study Topic: Meat Supply Chains and Climate Change

Steven Sterne
Study Topic: The Value Chain in Pork Products in New Zealand


Ben Todhunter
Study Topic: Integration of Conservation and Farm Production

Vaughan Templeton
Study Topic: Sustainability of Agricultural Systems regarding Nutrient Losses


John Wright
Study Topic: Primary Industry Investment in Longer Term Research and Innovation


Andrew Watters
Study Topic: How Companies Innovate and How New Zealand Companies Can Innovate Better


Andrew Fox
Study Topic: Use of Antibiotics in Food Production/Lamb Marketing Opportunities in North America

Murray King
Study Topic: Staffing Solutions for Primary Industries


Jim van der Poel
Study Topic: Capital Structures of Large Corporations


Adrian Gault
Study Topic: To GE or Not to GE? New Zealand’s Dilemma


Juliet Maclean
Study Topic: The future impact of biotechnology on stock, forage and food

John S. Wilson
Study Topic: Measuring co-op and plc performance

Hugh Ritchie
Study Topic: Sustainable Farming Systems
New Zealand Nuffield Farming Scholars 1980-1999


Richardson, Alan.G. (Sonia) Tapanui
Study Topic: Sustainable and organic livestock farming in the EU, quality assurance schemes for livestock farms, impact of animal welfare groups

Tither, Catherine
Study Topic: The issues facing the dairy industry in a changing world market.


James, Mrs Marise L. (Bryn) New Plymouth
Study Topic: Ownership structures of the dairy industry, animal welfare, environmental and food safety issues – UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, USA.

Old, Kevin M. Morrinsville, now Canterbury Study Topic: Dairy industry structures – Europe, USA, Argentina.


Douglas, Murray B. (Marcelle) Whangarei
Study Topic: Resource management issues, dairy processing and marketing in the UK and Europe.

Harris, Paul M. Tutira
Study Topic: Marketing of primary products – Asia, Europe, UK, Eire, Eastern bloc.

Raine, Julian R. (Cathy) Nelson
Study Topic: Integrated fruit production in response to European developments in this field – Chile, USA, UK, Europe.


Brown, Douglas A. (Jeannie) Oamaru
Study Topic: Sheep industry in EU – UK, Ireland, Europe, China.

Taggart, Murray J. (Gina) Oxford
Study Topic: Meat marketing, branded versus generic promotion – Europe

Wright, A Stuart. (Angela) Sheffield
Study Topic: Seed potato production, disease management in arable crops – UK, Canada, Holland, France, Zimbabwe.


Barton, Roger T. (Barbie) Greytown
Study Topic: TB, animal welfare, chemical residues in wool – UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany

Reilly, A P. (Tony) (Kathy) Takaka
Study Topic: Social effects of GATT. Environmental impacts of Ag. Dairy breeding. Rural education


Polson, Alastair R. (dec’d), (Bo) Wanganui
Study Topic: On farm quality assurance, meat marketing, trade and the environment – UK, France, Dk

Schrider, Noel A. ( Maria) Patea
Study Topic: Animal production, welfare and environmental effects associated with high input dairying – UK, Ireland, Holland, France.

Vernon, Jenni A. (Gordon) Ngaruawahia
Study Topic: Milk Marketing Board Changes – Netherlands, France, UK.


Jopp, A J. (Tony) (dec’d), (Jillian) Alexandra
Study Topic: Agricultural policy in the UK and Europe

Mackenzie, R Ian. (Diana) Ashburton
Study Topic: Farm management – UK, Denmark, Holland, France, USA, Canada


Howey, A C. (Tony) (Afsaneh) Pleasant Point

Munro, Dennis L. Wairoa
Study Topic: The international markets for the NZ sheep and beef sector – M. East, UK, Europe, USA


Daniell, Derek M. (Chris) Masterton
Study Topic: Chilled lamb, joint ventures, genetic engineering, wool promotion, effects of intensive farming on the environment – UK, Europe, Russia, USA

McNab, Bruce. (Fay) Oamaru
Study Topic: Marketing NZ sheep meat in Europe


Luscombe, Philip C. (Ainsley) Manaia
Study Topic: EC policy trade issues, environmental pollution. UK, Ireland, Europe


Palmer, John L. (Sally) Nelson
Study Topic: International fruit marketing – UK, Europe, USA.

Shepherd, David J. (Elizabeth) Mosgiel
Study Topic: Land ownership, farm occupancy systems, rural financing


Grant, Alan G. (dec’d), (Alison) Ashburton
Study Topic: Market access arrangements for NZ meat, marketing effectiveness of NZ Meat Board – UK, N.Europe, USA, Canada

Mandeno, Tom G. (Anna) Tuakau
Study Topic: Sheep and wool industries, reorganisation of local govt in Scotland – UK


Lee, W W. (Bill) (Susie) Gebbies Valley
Study Topic: Wool promotion and marketing – UK, Europe

Mathis, Geoff C. (Marion) Tirau
Study Topic: UK dairy industry – all EEC countries


Davison, Richard W. (Elizabeth) Culverden
Study Topic: EC sheepmeat regime, history of agricultural protection – UK, France, Belgium

Hamilton, Bruce N. (dec’d)  (Joan) Westport
Study Topic: Industrial relations, environmental conflict resolution – UK, France, Israel, Holland, Denmark, Canada


Herlihy, Gavan J. (Gerarda) Ranfurly
Study Topic: Water adminisration, meat marketing. – UK, France, Ireland

Kirke, Derek M. (Clare) Wanaka
Study Topic: The production, manufacture and marketing of man made and woollenfibre – UK, France, Germany, Greece, USA


Cook, Peter L. (Jan) Stratford
Study Topic: Production, processing, marketing/devt wool; beef from the dairy industry – USA, Canada, UK, W.Europe

Hurst, Dave P. (Nicky) Te Puke
Study Topic: Multiproduct farm and business management with emphasis on dairying. – UK, Europe, USA


Marshall, Hon Denis W A., (Annette) Queenstown
Study Topic: Marketing primary products. Role of CAP. – N America, UK, Europe

Nelson, R Martin. Te Aroha
Study Topic: Beef potential of NZ dairy herd – USA, UK, France


Jackson, Peter A H. (dec’d) (Pru) Ngaruawahia
Study Topic: Sheep production. Marketing of wool and meat products, – UK, Europe, USA

Pye, Alan J. Christchurch


McFarlane, Don G. (Di) Temuka-now Geraldine
Study Topic: Crop management, irrigation, co-op marketing, resource planning UK, Israel, USA

Shirley, Graeme A. (Anne) Tauranga
Study Topic: Rural servicing and social issues wich affect rural communities- Meat Industry – UK, France, Denmark, Holland, USA


Dunlop, Kerry J. (Kit) Winton
Study Topic: Meat marketing, co-operatives, management of prolific sheep – UK, France, Denmark

Jennings, Owen R. (Doreen) Auckland
Study Topic: Dairying, wetlands, environment. – UK, Ireland, Europe
New Zealand Nuffield Farming Scholars 1951-1978


Hopkins, John D. (dec’d) (Elaine) Manawatu
Study Topic: Dairy farming – UK, America

Percy, J Cedric. (dec’d) (Ronny) Masterton
Study Topic: UK, Europe, USA


Robertson, Graham B. Ashburton
Study Topic: Arable farming – UK, Europe


Glass, Eddie., MBE. (dec’d)  (Valerie) Ashburton
Study Topic: Farm management – UK, USA

Murfitt, Garry P. JP. (Jane) Pahiatua
Study Topic: Meat and wool production and marketing from farm gate to consumer. – Asia, UK and Europe


Hall, Grahame W. (Sandy) Rotorua
Study Topic: Dairying, co-operatives, local government – UK, Europe 1975

Neilson, Geoffrey W. (Ailsa) Dunedin
Study Topic: Requirement and methods of retailing meat and wool. Farm training institutes – UK


Bull, Douglas M L. (Tess) Whakatane
Study Topic: Large farm management, farmer training, agricultural co-operatives – UK, Rep Ireland

Kingsbury, Lyn R. (Gillian) Rakaia
Study Topic: Irrigation, sheep breeds, devt of agricultural training – Israel, UK


Horrell, P John. (Judy) Northland
Study Topic: Intensifying land usage, forestry

Wright, Alex G. (Joan) Rakaia
Study Topic: Arable herbage seed production, plant variety rights – U

Mitchell, Robin F. (dec’d) (Judith ) Palmerston North
Study Topic: Dairy and beef – UK


Jensen, Peter P. (Anne) Tauranga
Study Topic: Dairying – UK, Ireland, Denmark

Plummer, Timothy J. (Mary) Waipawa
Study Topic: Applied animal genetics – UK

Pinney, Bernard. (dec’d) ( Jenny) Canterbury


Gower, Derek H. Hamilton
Study Topic: Large dairy farm mangt. – France, UK, Canada

Geddes, Kevin J D. (Lorraine) Christchurch
Study Topic: Agri politics, wool – UK Burnside,

Robbie A. (Elspeth) Balclutha
Study Topic: Agricultural training, beef overwintering systems, meat processing and marketing – U

Waite, Barry T (dec’d) (Margaret) Te Puke
UK Scholar 1971, emigrated 1977
Study Topic: Dairying and grassland – Australia, NZ


Elworthy, Sir Peter H. KB (dec’d) (Fiona)
Study Topic: Co-operatives, agricultural politics UK

Macdonald, Ken J., JP., Tauranga
Study Topic: Dairy farming – UK.

Watson, D G. (dec’d) Canterbury
Study Topic: Management and training – UK


Scott, Jonathan M. Woodend

McFall, Morris S. (Hilary) Te Awamutu
Study Topic: Intensive dairying – UK, Ireland, Germany, Canada, USA


McLaren, Ross E. (Jan) Hamilton
Study Topic: Large dairy herds and beef from the dairy herd – UK, USA

Naylor, Max R. (dec’d) Queenstown
Study Topic: Business management, sheep breeding – UK


Acland, John O. (Rosemary ‘Ro’ – dec’d) Geraldine

Wright, Ness Q. (dec’d) Sheffield


Harvey, Don J. (dec’d) (Margaret) Taranaki
Study Topic: Dairy beef

Tripe, J Nick. Wanganui
Study Topic: EEC entry by UK. Prolific sheep, intensive beef


Bamford, Michael T. (dec’d) Masterton

Kneebone, John T., CMG. (dec’d) Tirau


Graham, Frank C. (Beverley) Turangi
Study Topic: Sheep and cropping – UK

Morrison, Pat G. Darfield
Study Topic: Arable farming


Cocks, J Ron. (dec’d) (Jessie) Ashburton

Dalzell Reg. (dec’d) (Doris, dec’d) Winton
Study Topic: Cereal production, sheep production, farm management


Clarke, John. (dec’d)  (Margaret) South Otago
Study Topic: Sheep farming, cropping – UK

O’Connor, John D. (dec’d) (Del) Westport
Study Topic: Dairying, small farms, devt of marginal land – UK


Daniell, John L. (dec’d), (Christine) Masterton

Pullar, Gordon J. (dec’d), (Margaret) Gore
Study Topic: Sheep, meat, wool production, marketing, supplementary feed crops, grain bulk harvesting and handling – UK


Hunt W F. (Bill) (dec’d), ( Ruth) Cromwell
Study Topic: Small seed production, feed lots for cattle – UK, USA

McLennan, Brian A. (dec’d) Masterton


James, H Alan. (dec’d) Masterton

McKenzie, Don K (dec’d) Ashburton


Baker, David G. (dec’d), (Allison) Cave

Hulston, Don J. (dec’d) Waimate


Badger G E. (dec’d) Okaihau, Kaitoke

S Don Sinclair. (dec’d) Nelson


Curd, P C. (dec’d) Ashburton
Study Topic: Rearing and Finishing Beef Cattle in the UK

McLean, R J. (dec’d) Invercargill


De Lautour, Philip A. (dec’d), (Natalie) Wairoa
Study Topic: Sheep and cattle breeds in the UK, with assessment of their value to NZ

Mackenzie, Clutha N. (dec’d) Scargill


Corrigan, John R. (dec’d) Matamata and Tauranga

Jarman, F W (dec’d) Darfield


Gordon, Rt.Hon. J B. (dec’d) Heriot

Holderness, T D John. (dec’d) Gebbies Valley


Slater, Gilbert S. (dec’d ) Geraldine

Linklater, H M. (Jack) (dec’d) Palmerston North


Nutt, Graham A. (dec’d) Christchurch

Plummer, Peter S. (dec’d) Waipawa


Murphy Brian E (dec’d) Kaponga, Taranaki

Hilgendorf, Sir Charles. (dec’d)

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