Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Informed by an ability for critical analysis and their own research-fuelled passion, our alumni lead in businesses, advance community and social enterprises, influence policy and advocate for animal and environmental outcomes.

Below you will find insights drawn from research across our three core programmes, sector impact stories from alumni as well as Rural Leaders’ thought leadership projects.

Featured Insights

Sharing insights from across our programmes, the scholar reports presented here cover a topical industry theme we change every season.

Leadership, culture and people in dairy.

Here are three reports covering insights from the dairy industry.

The first report looks at the need for the dairy industry to prioritise climate change to ensure it has a sustainable future.

The second report looks at developing a high-performing team culture in dairy.

The final report unpacks the true cost of training a new employee.

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Rural Scholarship

New Zealand’s food and fibre sector is full of capable, purpose-driven people. Supported by our incredible group of partners, the New Zealand Rural Leadership Trust is privileged to help grow many of these people on their leadership journeys.

A key aspect of the Nuffield and Kellogg programmes is research based learning. The clarity of thought and confidence this promotes is transformative.

The Nuffield Insights and The Kellogg Rural Scholars Series reports presented below are distillations of this research.


Kellogg Rural Scholars Series

Each report in this series summarises 14 final research reports by Kellogg Scholars. There are currently three reports in this series, Dairy, Māori Agribusiness and Horticulture.

Nuffield Insights

We operate in a climate of increased pressure between ‘business as usual’ and the accelerating forces of change. Under these conditions protecting long-held structures and models becomes untenable.

Every year our Nuffield Scholars produce key insights designed to self-disrupt and help transform a fast-changing sector.

Leadership research and design

Rural Leaders’ commissioned and collaborative leadership projects include work with Food and Fibre Centre of Vocational Excellence and The Mackenzie Charitable Foundation. The results of this work are shared here.

Sector Impact

The Mackenzie Study (featured in ‘Leadership research and design’ above) highlights the accomplishments of Nuffield and Kellogg alums in new businesses started, jobs created, and the number of senior leadership roles they held.

While the Study’s numbers are compelling, the human stories of ‘a difference made’, need telling too. So, here are impact stories from programme alumni across industries in food and fibre.

Archived Impact stories

Our programmes work in partnership with some of New Zealand’s leading agribusiness organisations – click here for more.​