Stories from the year of living precariously

Nuffield NZ 2020 Scholars – Tracy Brown, Ben McLauchlan, Phil Weir, Edward Pinckney & Shannon Harnett share their four deep insights from their ‘year of living precariously‘ at the 2021 Nuffield Awards Ceremony – November 2020. Click here to find out more


Corrigan Sowman

Hamish Murray

Hamish Marr

Cameron Henderson

Ben Hancock

2018 Scholar Presentations

Kate Scott

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Turi McFarlane

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Solis Norton

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Simon Cook

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Andy Elliot

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2018 Scholar Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion:
Kate Scott & Turi McFarlane
2018 Nuffield Scholars Kate Scott & Turi McFarlane discuss their research insights.

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Panel Discussion: Andy Elliot,
Simon Cook, Solis Norton
2018 Nuffield Scholars Simon Cook, Andy Elliot and Solis Norton discuss their research findings.

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Panel Discussion:
2018 Nuffield Scholars

Opportunities within New Zealand food & fibre sector in a post-Covid world.

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Jason Rolfe
Matt Hocken
Rebecca Hyde

David Kidd

Ryan O’Sullivan

Nadine Porter


Bede O’Conner

Jessica Bensemann

Richard Fowler

Sam Lang

Tom Skerman


Ben Allomes 

Dan Steele 

Satwant Singh 

Sharon Morrell 


Dan Shand

John Murphy

Paul Olsen

Lucy Griffiths


Sophie Stanley

Lisa Harper

Tafi Manjala

Natasha King

Steve Wilkins


Sandra Faulkner

Richard Fitzgerald

Michael Tayler

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