Our New Branding

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It is my pleasure to share with you our new branding!

This includes:

  • Refreshed branding for the Nuffield NZ Farming Scholarship
  • New branding for the Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme
  • New organisation Rural Leaders and branding
  • New single website hosting both programmes and Rural Leaders organisation.

If you’ve been waiting for the story behind the branding, here it is. Please excuse the delay in letting you all know but we have been chasing our tails a bit due to a delay in the launch of our website. We are now really excited to be sharing this with you.

We believe the new look modernises our brands and will help us on our continual quest to find and create future Rural Leaders. We are also not unrealistic that with any brand change not everyone will bond with it immediately. Hopefully, in hearing the story behind it – you will appreciate the thought, time, and work that has gone into this project and you will join with us in loving the result.

Why have we rebranded?

After a successful three year partnership between the Nuffield Scholarship (Nuffield NZ Farming Trust) and the Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme (Lincoln University) there was huge support to continue this partnership, and opportunities going forward, as we had successfully implemented place a single management, governance, and funding structure.

To continue operating the two programmes together, we established the New Zealand Rural Leadership Trust (Rural Leaders) on 1 June 2017 providing a legal structure and organisational entity under. As a new organisation we needed to have a brand identity to represent who we are, what we do, and consider how the programmes relate to this organisation. We then were encouraged to review and modernise our programme branding as well.

What is behind the rebrand?

Our design goal was to retain the core elements of each programme logos but stylise them to show a connection with Rural Leaders and provide a more modern look and feel.

The byline “Leading from the Middle” reflects the new principle of leadership we want our leaders to have. Leaders operate up and down in an organisations, as well as across functions, having to effectively manage above and below.

The choice of red, green, and blue colours for the new logos reflect the core colours of the spectrum with the combination reflecting the alumni from both programmes. The light grey background used in many applications will bring the three colours together introducing a natural roughness background.

This video provides a short visual representation of what Rural Leaders represents.

Refreshed Nuffield branding

We have kept the bull and by-line but refreshed and modernised the look and feel. The circle represents the individuals who make up the alumni of Nuffield and are part of Rural Leaders.

The new red colour aligns with the red used by most other Nuffield countries, keeping us recognisable on the world stage but with greater vibrancy. Some interpretations will show a background global map representing the global focus of the programme.


New Kellogg branding

Here, we have kept the name but given the programme a new the look and feel with a new logo. We’ve used a simple K but with a modern font that is used across our other branding. In the detail – notice the K & R have a little curve which relates back to nature, reflecting the organic nature of plants growing organically (rather than in a straight line). The use of the fern represents the NZ and national focus of the programme – in some representations we will use a background NZ. The colour blue is strong, semi neutral, has substance, and is deep like the ocean.

New Rural Leaders Brand

For our new organisation Rural Leaders, the logo represents the collective alumni of both programmes rather than a literal representation of the organisation. The dots are symbolic of the individuals of our alumni and the colour patterns, the collective groups of alumni.

The byline “Leading from the Middle” reflects the new principle of leadership we want our leaders to have. Leaders operate up and down in organisations, as well as across functions, having to effectively manage above and below.

The second representation is the combined alumni of both the Nuffield Scholarship and the Kellogg programme under Rural Leaders.
So there you have it! We hope you like this new look for our programmes and new organisation Rural Leaders. If you haven’t already please check out the website www.ruralleaders.co.nz to see the full brand application. You can also still go straight to the programmes direct via their domains www.nuffield.org.nz (https://ruralleaders.co.nz) and www.kellogg.org.nz to preserve the individual programme focus.

Kind regards,

Anne Hindson
General Manager – Rural Leaders