Integrating pasture raised egg production into an existing farming business: A business plan.

Executive Summary

With increased protein demand from the agriculture sector, ever increasing compliance costs and high land prices, adding more operational layers and diversity to an existing system is an option to some businesses.

This business plan focuses on integrating pasture raised egg production into an organic dairy farm but has relevance to any farming system.

The worldwide demand for eggs is increasing with most consumers in the EU already preferring to purchase free range eggs. Caged eggs are being phased out of New Zealand supermarkets by December 2022. The industry is expecting supply deficits due to the change in practice.

The initial idea was to have the birds following a dairy herd in a New Zealand grass based rotational system, but after talking with some of the interviewees this would have risks with smothering and animals becoming lost from the flock. The research shows better results could be gained through fertility transfer by focusing on poorer paddocks.

The low initial set up cost and payback modelled over 2.25 years makes it an attractive investment to be part of.

The pasture-based model has high social licence to operate characteristics which is being demanded more by consumers and the sector is expected to continue the growth its currently experiencing.

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