Vocational pathways from the grassroots up.

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Executive summary

Aotearoa, finds itself in a moment of profound transformation, where uncertainties and new prospects intertwine. This juncture offers a truly unique opportunity for vocational pathways within the primary industries to align themselves with the ever-evolving demands of the industry and deliver meaningful outcomes for all whānau (families) and hapori (communities).

The time has come for various stakeholders, including Industry, Iwi (Māori tribes), Government, Community, High schools, and Tertiary/Vocational Education providers, to gain a deep understanding of our current position and grasp the essential requirements for collective progress. By joining forces, we can effectively navigate the shifting landscape and work collaboratively towards a brighter future.

Our industries are in a constant state of progression, fueled by the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and innovative cultivation systems. Recognizing the significance of pastoral care and responding to the community’s aspirations for viable career opportunities, as opposed to mere jobs, holds utmost importance. To cater effectively to these rapidly evolving industries, we must ensure that our vocational pathways are adaptable, well-suited to emerging opportunities, and capable of keeping pace with advancements.

By embracing this paradigm shift, we open doors to a world where traditional wisdom and contemporary knowledge converge. It is a world where we foster sustainable practices, nurture talent, and cultivate the next generation of industry leaders. This collaborative effort enables us to craft vocational pathways that not only address the immediate needs of the industry but also empower individuals to forge fulfilling and prosperous futures.

Together, let us embark on this transformative journey, where Industry, Iwi, Government, Community, High schools, and Tertiary/Vocational Education providers come together in synergy. Through comprehensive understanding, shared goals, and dynamic adaptation, we can shape a future where vocational pathways serve as gateways to success, prosperity, and harmony in Aotearoa.

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