The Rural Reader book review.

Nature and Farming – Sustaining biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. By David Norton and Nick Reid (2013).

This collection of New Zealand and Australian case studies discusses a wide range of native biodiversity-enhancing options and tools used in different farming systems in
both countries.

The book, written by two New Zealand and Australian professors, contains an excellent mix of technical and general practical information enhanced by many photographs, charts and other images.

Readers who are farming or working with the agricultural sector should find this 300-page book a useful reference to dive into those sections that are of most relevance to you. In my opinion, one of the most useful chapters, “Management Planning and Goal Setting”, should be of particular interest to those involved in or with catchment groups. Overall, this publication is a good tool to have in your toolbox.

As the book is ten years old now, interested readers are most likely to find it through the New Zealand library system. However, I am aware that there are Kelloggers who have copies and you may even find them in second-hand bookstores. 

Patrick Aldwell
September, 2023

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