The Rural Reader book review.

Landscapes and geomorphology – A very short introduction. Andrew Goudie and Heather Viles (2010)

You may be wondering why I have included a book like this in my reading list. It is relevant for the food and fibre sector at a time of more intense storms and the damage they do to farm infrastructure. Another reason is that this is a sample of an excellent series of physically small (easy to carry in a coat pocket or small bag), concise but useful and readable books, on all sorts of topics of wider interest.

The series (shown below), written by specialist experts, produced by the Oxford University Press, and known as “Very Short Introductions”, comprises about 740 titles at present. They are reasonably priced at around $20 -$25 depending on the retailer.

The books, and related blogs, are particularly useful if you are doing personal research or are part of a catchment group or some other specialist organisation and need a reliable well-written semi-technical resource to help you become more familiar with a topic. Some are now targeted at secondary school students. Most are 150 -180 pages long and, in my opinion, are superior to many online popular “quickfire” sources.

Patrick Aldwell
October, 2023

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