The NZ honey export company ltd pure New Zealand natural honey.

Executive Summary

It is well known that the honey market is very crowded with multiple brands and product types; however, I believe there is space in the market for a special premium brand. The new brand would target the more sophisticated, educated, wealthy, female market. The brand would be differentiated by refined upmarket packaging and a range of value added products that are well-designed, well- engineered, well-crafted, and selling the experience and story of New Zealand, with a touch of exclusive artisanal look of luxury (Roberts, 2004).

There will be a full range of premium honey products including active manuka, an organic honey range, high-end drinks and other bee products including prololis, royal jelly and bee pollen. Further the value added premium honey products would include sophisticated skin care natural products range targeting successful businesswomen (Cropp, 2015).

A combination of pooled knowledge and technical capabilities of advisors, leadership team, and a strong management team will allow The NZ Honey Export Company to be competitive in the marketplace and provide significant benefit to customers.

Initially, the company will purchase from the retiring owner an existing honey packing facility complete with machinery, labels and licences. The purchase cost for the entire packing plant, equipment and working capital will be approximately $350,000. The initial production would be performed in the vendor’s existing factory.

As The NZ Honey Export Company establishes its footprint and gains a solid reputation, it will leverage its core competencies for continued growth, and to differentiate the company from competitors.

The NZ Honey Export Company Ltd Pure New Zealand Natural Honey – Wendy Oliver

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