The Kellogg Journey.

Executive summary

The New Zealand Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme (KRLP) is a highly respected industry leadership programme which develops emerging agribusiness leaders to help shape the future of New Zealand’s primary industry.

The purpose of this study was to get feedback from Kellogg Alumni, looking at their expectations of Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme and success since they have completed the programme. This was done by interviewing past participants and asking them to evaluate different phases of the program and think about how that has impacted their careers.

The skills expected to be gained and developed by the participants were finance, industry and business skills, leadership development, confidence and self-awareness development, presentation and public speaking, communication and organisational skills. Most of the participants said skills they were expecting to learn were taught or developed further.

Kellogg Rural Leader Program has helped to make most participants aware of wider networks, through exposure to different industries within the primary sector and gaining confidence to utilise the networks, including using technology and social media sites such as Twitter.

The program has built confidence for these Kelloggers interviewed, enhanced leadership skills, developed networks and opportunities to step up and have a say; to contribute and grow within our Primary sector. The program has hugely influenced personal and professional growth. The learning style within the program is of great benefit. There were learning from all parts of the program, especially where recommendations have been made for improvement to speakers and workshops. This highlights to the participants what not to do.

Every person who I interviewed remains in the primary industry and has adopted new roles or opportunities within the wider primary sector and local community since participating in the Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme. The Programme has met and exceeded expectations and 100% of interviewees said the Kellogg Rural Leadership program has positively impacted their career.

The Kellogg Journey – April Mainland

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