2020 Nuffield Scholars Insights

Stories from the year of living precariously

Presented at the Nuffield 2021 Scholarship Awards Ceremony
3rd November 2020, Wellington

The Nuffield NZ 2020 Scholars have had conversations with food and fibre producing leaders about the impact of COVID-19 on the primary sector.

From these conversations our 2020 Scholars (Tracy Brown, Ben McLauchlan, Phil Weir, Edward Pinckney and Shannon Harnett) have worked together to deliver four collective insights around supply chains, innovation, people and strategies.

Watch the 2020 Scholars deliver their insights in the video below.

Tracy Brown

“Conversations with food and fibre producing leaders about the impact of COVID 19 has helped us gain insights and become critically reflective thinkers”

Nuffielders 2020

Our year of living precariously

For the first time, the New Zealand Nuffield Scholars have worked together to deliver collective insights.

The collaborative learning model focused on ‘Critical Reflective Practice’ providing significant insight and a framework for more focused individual efforts in 2021.

Greater opportunity to connect locally has been valuable and should be incorporated into future program delivery.

Ben McLauchlan

“Resilience is the capacity of a system, enterprise, or person to maintain its core purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changed circumstances.”

Andrew Zolli

Insight one: Proven supply chain resilience

The World Trade Organisation forecast that world merchandise trade would be reduced by between 13% and 32% in 2020 (WTO, April 2020).

  • NZ has been able to continue to trade goods, despite local and international challenges.
  • We have outpaced other export focused countries.
  • Our supply chains have been tested and found to be resilient.
  • The demand for our food has ensured prioritisation and flow of key imports.
  • The primary sector has been a vital lifeline in keeping the NZ economy intact and lessening the economic impact.

Phil Weir

“The threat of going hungry became real for many people for the first time in their lives”

KPMG, The ‘now’ normal’ future

Insight two: Growing disparity between the haves and have nots

We have all been affected by COVID-19. Some of us to greater or lesser extents. It has not just been the spread of the virus that has followed an exponential growth curve.
  • Technological innovation has quickened.
  • Increasing inequality between the haves and have nots.
  • The degree and obviousness of disparity raises significant risks to social license and export markets

Edward Pinckney

“Chaos is exhausting, structure and certainty keeps us sane”

Insight three: Challenges around fit for purpose leadership

Risk related to COVID-19 escalated rapidly. Previously it was not high (or even present) on the risk matrix for many businesses. Some leaders were caught out, “frozen with indecision,” unable to make decisions and move forward. Others excelled!

The following are attributes of great leadership in a crisis:

  • Communication to create certainty
  • Culture of experimentation
  • Creativity and agility
  • Values based

Shannon Harnett

“Lock down gave me time and space to evaluate my ideals around how I live. This was an opportunity I had not had in 30 years.”

Business owner

Insight four: Adding value by moving from value to values

The rise of the ‘Conscious Consumer’ is a growing trend and COVID 19 has accelerated this.

We need to further understand the drivers behind consumers preparedness to buy and consume sustainably grown, values-based produce.

Horticulture NZ keen to work with new Government

‘In 2019, the New Zealand horticulture industry was worth more than $6.39 billion and has grown by 64% in the past ten years. That is thanks to industry innovation and grower investment in new varieties and growing techniques to stay ahead of international competition and respond to consumer preferences. This growth is also because the industry is a sustainable user of land.’

Barry O’Neil, HortNZ President

Horticulture New Zealand – which advocates for New Zealand’s 6000 plus fruit and vegetable growers – is keen to work with the new Government to ensure the industry can continue to grow and support New Zealand’s post-Covid economic and social recovery.

Link: https://www.hortnz.co.nz/news-events-and-media/media-releases/horticulture-new-zealand-keen-to-work-with-new-government/

NZ sheep & beef farms close to being carbon neutral

Beef +Lamb NZ recently released a significant new piece of independent research that shows the woody vegetation on New Zealand sheep and beef farms is offsetting between 63 percent and 118 percent of their on-farm agricultural emissions, meaning our farms are close to being carbon neutral.

Link to report: https://beeflambnz.com/net-carbon-report

“This research shows that of the remaining emissions, the vast majority are being offset by the trees on our farms and New Zealand sheep and beef farmers are well on the way to being carbon neutral by 2050."

Sam McIvor, CEO Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Enuff August 2020

Welcome to the August Enuff!

In this edition, you’ll find an update on the revised programme and national travel plans for our Nuffield 2020 Scholars since the COVID lockdowns.

Also included are links to the 2018 Nuffield Scholar presentations, now available in video and podcast. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to the Scholars research findings and insights – you won’t be disappointed!

Click on the links below for all Nuffield updates:

As we’re sure you already know, Rural Leaders also deliver the Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme. If you’re interested in keeping up with what’s happening with our Kellogg Programme and Alumni click here.

If you have any questions about the Nuffield programme please contact us at programmes@ruralleaders.co.nz.

The Team at Rural Leaders

Nuffield 2020 Scholar programme update

Following the COVID-19 lockdowns this year and restrictions on international and national travel, we have had to continually adapt the 2020 Scholarship Programme.

Travel for our scholars (for their national focus programme) has been deferred. The 2020 Scholars will now join with the 2021 scholar cohort in February/March next year to embark on a road trip around New Zealand to assist with their Nuffield research.

For the remainder of this year the 2020 Scholars’ focus will be on conducting a survey on the sector impacts of COVID-19. Scholars will be supported with a monthly zoom session with selected speakers.

This will be followed by a Scholar retreat in October 2020 to spend time going through reflective practice and also taking in some strategic organisations.

Lastly, they will present their findings in November at the Nuffield 2021 Awards in Wellington.

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Nuffield 2021 – selection is underway

Applications for the Nuffield 2021 Scholarships are now closed.

We were pleased to have received 20 applications from a very strong pool of candidates.

Selections for the 2021 Scholarships are now underway. Successful candidates for a 2021 scholarship will be announced at the Nuffield Awards Ceremony in Wellington, in early November.

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2018 Scholar presentations

In mid-August we released the 2018 Nuffield Scholar presentations and panel discussions.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to catch up on the presentations you can get access to them here on the Rural Leaders website in both video and podcast formats.

This series includes the following presentations and panel discussions:

Scholar presentations:

Panel discussions:

  • Panel Discussion 1 – Scholars Simon Cook, Andy Elliot, Solis Norton discuss their research insights
  • Panel Discussion 2 – Scholars Kate Scott, Turi McFarlane discuss their research insights
  • Panel Discussion 3 – 2018 Scholars : Opportunities within New Zealand food & fibre sector in a post covid world

A big thanks to Rebecca Hyde, 2017 Nuffield Scholar for facilitating the presentations and panel sessions with the 2018 Scholars.

Nuffield obituaries

John Kneebone, 1966 Nuffield Scholar passed away recently, our thoughts are with his wife Kay and his family.

John was based in Waikato and was instrumental in helping set up the National Fieldays in the format that we know today.

Our partners…

We are pleased to acknowledge LIC as Rural Leader’s new Programme Partner and the re-signing of a three year agreement with our supporting partner GlobalHQ.

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Hamish Murray : Lessons for farm teams in study

Nuffield Scholar Hamish Murray’s work on the changing nature of farm work highlights how even that bastion of stalwart farming types needs to change to remain a relevant, exciting and desirable place to work for a new generation.

Read the full article sourced from Farmers Weekly (18 June 2020) here.

Click here to listen to Hamish’s interview on Sarah’s Country. 

2021 Nuffield NZ Farming Scholarship Applications

Applications close 23 August 2020

Are you an NZ Farmer/grower or Agribusiness Professional looking to broaden your horizons, grow your networks and gain some global experience in the agri sector?

Click here to find out how you can do that through the Nuffield Scholarship Programme.

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Corrigan Sowman : All Black thinking tackles stress

Nuffield Scholar Corrigan Sowman believes an All Black approach to thinking will build more resilience in farmers.

Farmers are under increasing pressure as changes in society, technology and climate leave them questioning their role as producers of food. The challenges are making the right decisions for their wellbeing and producing food modern consumers demand. 

Corrigan Sowman has found some of the best lessons for thriving in this new environment can be found with the All Blacks.

Read the full article sourced from Farmers Weekly (3 June 2020) here.

Tune in to Corrigan’s live interview on Sarah’s Country (4 June 2020).

2021 Nuffield NZ Farming Scholarship Applications

Applications close 23 August 2020

Are you an NZ Farmer/grower or Agribusiness Professional looking to broaden your horizons, grow your networks and gain some global experience in the agri sector?

Click here to find out how you can do that through the Nuffield Scholarship Programme.

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2021 Nuffield NZ Farming Scholarships : Applications Open.

2021 Nuffield New Zealand Farming Scholarships

Rural Leaders are very pleased to offer up to five $40,000 Nuffield NZ Farming Scholarships for our 2021 Scholar intake.

Who is the Scholarship for?

The Nuffield Scholarship is for NZ farmers, growers and agri professionals who are engaged, motivated and committed to improve and innovate while solving old and emerging problems in the Agri sector.

What does a Nuffield  Scholarship offer?

Scholars who are successful in their application will have the opportunity to experience:

  • 16 weeks global travel to enhance their global agri-food understanding and networks. (Global travel may be adapted to as a result of COVID19).
  • Develop global insights and produce an industry focused report that will add value to their business and New Zealand’s agri-sector.
  • Present and lead industry and alumni discussion and debate on report findings and recommendations to encourage and create change.
  • Become a member of the Nuffield NZ & International Alumni to develop the skills and knowledge to promote, support and innovate industry, business and regional developments.

If you’re looking to expand your horizons, grow your networks and gain global insights and experience in the Agri Sector –  click below to find out more about a Nuffield Scholarship.

2021 Nuffield Applications close 23 August 2020

Enquiries: nuffield@ruralleaders.co.nz

Nuffield Scholar Testimonials

Thinking about doing a Nuffield? 

Click here to find out what our Nuffield Scholars have to say about their life changing Nuffield experiences.

Rebecca Hyde: REX Interview, what’s next for 2021 Nuffield Programme?

Rebecca Hyde, NZ Rural Leaders Trustee and 2017 Nuffield Scholar joined Hamish McKay and Richard Loe on Rural Exchange (Sunday 14 June) to talk about what’s next for the 2020 Nuffield Scholarship Programme post the COVID19 global travel restrictions.

2021 Nuffield NZ Farming Scholarships Applications 

Are you an NZ Farmer/grower or Agribusiness Professional looking to broaden your horizons, grow your networks and gain some global experience in the agri sector?

Click here to find out how you can do that through the Nuffield Scholarship Programme. 

Apply now for a 2021 Scholarship.

Bio-ethics can help tough choices – Ben Hancock

Ben Hancock, 2019 Nuffield Scholar joined Sarah Perriam recently to talk about his scholar report ‘Rural Leadership taming the wicked problems‘ and how to grow the toolbox to foster society’s trust.

Click here to listen to the full podcast on Sarah’s Country – 20th May.

Ben also spoke with Richard Rennie from Farmers Weekly (28th May) and said ‘Bio-ethics can play a role beyond medical dilemmas in helping agriculture resolve its wicked problems.’

Read the full Farmers Weekly article here.