Synthetic proteins. What will consumers be eating in the future and are our food producers aware.

Executive Summary

Synthetic meat, cultured meat, artificial protein. Many of us have heard the terms but what do they mean? More importantly do our food producers know what they mean and what impact they may have on them?

New Zealand’s place in the world’s meat supply has always been at the premium end. We are not high-volume suppliers. We offer something different; our food producers care about their animals, their health, the land and the fine people who are the caretakers of it.

This report surveys seventeen farmers to answer the question, is there enough information available for our food producers and to gauge what further information is required.

The questions cover a range of topics to gauge farmer awareness of the synthetic protein industry and how this may affect them.

Also included is an historical overview from the inception of this technology through to predictions for the future. Information on the key companies involved completes this study.

Key findings:

1) Our Food producers feel that they do not have enough information readily available. Information is available online. However, it requires effort to sort through the content!

2) Synthetic proteins are not currently seen as a high risk to our food producers. Other risks such as political and environmental influences feature highly.

3) Innovation in this sector is happening very quickly. New information is available daily and it’s difficult to stay ahead.

4) Many producers see the introduction of synthetic protein as an opportunity and are looking to push the benefits of our sustainably produced, grass-fed premium products.

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