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Harnessing Social Media in Agriculture

Social media has given the power to the voice of the everyman, and whilst that may come with its challenges, the opportunities are there for the taking, especially when it comes to telling the story of New Zealand agriculture.The purpose of this report was to assess the value social media could have for the New Zealand agricultural industry to propel us into the 21st century.

Can Generating Gas and Electricity be the Solution to New Zealand Dairy Effluent Management?

This report is opinions, and options around dairy effluent management that I have learnt while on my journey, it is not a silver bullet but something I think if we have the right people on board, and take an open minded look at what else we can do with our effluent it potentially could be successful. As with lots of these reports sometimes they create more questions than they offer solutions but if we can find one small gem then we can be on our way to an industry wide solution

Supporting entrepreneurship in New Zealand agriculture

New Zealand has very high rates of entrepreneurial activity by international standards, but this has not translated into the expected numbers of large and high growth businesses. The result is significant loss of opportunities for growth and Agriculture is not immune to this problem.

Good to Great Extension – Influencing on farm change at pace and scale

Knowledge and skill alone does not result in practice change. Verbal persuasion, even well-articulated has low impact. Great extension is about a consistent focus on delivering to farmer needs that are self identified as well as those from gap analysis and doing it in a way that results in practice change.
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