2020 Nuffield reports

Ben McLauchlan

Mindset of change

New Zealand’s food and fibre sector faces a consumer that has changing expectations. How do New Zealand food and fibre producers develop a growth mindset that allows them to understand the values driving these changing expectations?

Once the expectations are known, how do producers then innovate production models to deliver these values?

Ben Mclauchlan

Getting plant varieties right

The tension between science-led and consumer-led research and development is unavoidable. There is a need for both. Successful consumer-led innovation directly produces economic value. Science for the sake of obtaining knowledge leads indirectly to economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Shannon Harnett

Restructuring industry good for the future

With a climate crisis, increasingly diversified agri-businesses, interest in regenerative agriculture and increasing membership of catchment groups, coupled with generational change and economic reform, now is the right time for structural change to New Zealand Agriculture.

Phil Weir

Tracey Brown

Adapting dairy to thrive in a constrained world

There are multiple stakeholders with various views of the world and we currently have no clear framework to understand what is going on around us. A better understanding of how we need to adapt and organise ourselves, will better position leaders to make changes.

Tracy Brown

How do we equip farmers to embrace imposed change?

The future is positioning our produce in high end, affluent markets that demand, ethically and environmentally friendly products going away from volume favoured markets to values driven markets. This takes a mindset shift from farmers.

Edward Pinckney

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