Nuffield and Kelloggs combine resources

Media release

24 September 2013

Kellogg and Nuffield combine resources

The Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust and Lincoln University are combining their efforts to improve leadership capability within the rural and primary sectors in New Zealand. The two organisations have agreed to establish a rural leadership consortium to manage two prestigious leadership programmes that have operated in New Zealand since the late 1970s.

The two programmes will continue to operate distinctly and maintain their strong existing brands and alumni networks, but will be managed by a shared full-time General Manager. This position will be advertised shortly.

The Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme (Kellogg) is owned and administered by Lincoln University and the Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust (Nuffield) is owned and administered by the Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust. Over 650 New Zealand alumni have completed the Kellogg programme and there are around 150 Nuffield New Zealand alumni. 

“There is a natural synergy between the two programmes and they combine logically to form a leadership pathway within the rural and agribusiness sectors”, says Nuffield Trustee Juliet Maclean.

Chancellor of Lincoln University, Tom Lambie adds “By combining our resources, the University and the Nuffield Trust will be able to strengthen both of these programmes, and ensure the essential leadership capabilities are maintained and enhanced within rural New Zealand”.

Both the Nuffield Trust and Lincoln University expect that the combined resources of the rural leadership consortium, with the support of both programmes’ industry partners and sponsors, will enable the Kellogg and Nuffield programmes to better meet the leadership development needs of the wider rural and primary sector.

Background information

Lincoln University and the Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme

Lincoln University is New Zealand’s specialist land-based university delivering research informed education and training, along with research and commercial activities to support growth in the land based industries. Land based industries are referred to in the widest sense of the word including land, land resources and waterways.  

Lincoln University has administered the Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme since 1979 when it was launched with a grant from the Kellogg Foundation, USA. The programme provides an opportunity for twenty men and women who live and work in rural New Zealand to participate in residential workshops, seminars and personal study over an 11 month period.  The objectives of the Kellogg programme are to:

  • Develop solid leadership skills
  • Build the confidence to take the next big step in business, professional development, politics, industry governance or community service
  • Learn how political, cultural, social, economic and physical forces impact on New Zealand agribusiness
  • Establish networks with leaders from New Zealand and beyond.

The Kellogg programme is generously supported by DairyNZ, Beef+Lamb NZ, Zespri, Pipfruit NZ, and Deer Industry NZ.

The Nuffield Trust and Nuffield Scholarships

The Nuffield Trust is a charitable New Zealand Trust set up in 1978 and is part of an international network of Nuffield Trusts that provides scholarships to emerging leaders in the agricultural industry.

The Nuffield Trust is governed by four Trustees and managed through a part-time director and secretariat, with around 150 active alumni members (all the alumni are Nuffield scholars).

The Nuffield Trust’s mission is to develop leadership and excellence in all aspects of New Zealand agriculture through its function of providing scholarships to around five scholars.

The objectives of the Nuffield programme are to:

  • Select scholars with high personal integrity, a close connection to farming or a practical hands on farming background, who are self-disciplined but flexible, focused on innovation and high achievement and who are likely to “give back” to the agricultural industry over their life time
  • Increase thought leadership
  • Create a full international immersion experience for scholars
  • Develop global networks

Nuffield scholarships are provided to future leaders chosen because of the positive difference they will make to their relevant primary sector, and for the life-time contribution they make to New Zealand agriculture. 

Scholars are linked into the Nuffield international network and supported to undertake projects or research that will fuel intellectual debate within their communities and industries.   Nuffield New Zealand also provides an alumni network through circulating newsletters, publishing information on the Trust’s website and running conferences. 

The Nuffield programme is generously supported by DairyNZ, Beef+Lamb NZ, FMG, AGMARDT, FAR, the Mackenzie Charitable Foundation, and Landcorp.

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