Moving farmers and the community off the poverty line in Mwika, Tanzania

Geoff Mathis a Nuffield Scholar has focused his energies into an amazing project in Tanzania – East Africa. With the support of many individuals (including Nuffielders) MFAT, Rotary NZ World Community Service, The Rotary Foundation and numerous other people, this NZD1.1m project is changing lives.

The goal: Moving farmers and the community off the poverty line in Mwika, Tanzania.

In 2008, I started helping the village of Mwika on the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro with sufficient funding for 36 biogas digesters (converting cow manure to methane gas)?.

We have funded over 90 on-farm biogas digesters, 200 stainless milk cans, 1,000 good farming booklets – very basic, a 600 ltr per hour processing milk plant replacing the old copper boiler, 150 rising 2yr old milking cows and a lot of other equipment to support the community. Most were made available on a shared basis – the locals had to take ownership of the assistance – in most cases (but not all) the farmer made a 25% contribution to each part of the project – ownership!

It has grown considerably from that point to where we are at now – the final stage of that project.The Kondiki Dairy Co-op is very similar to where the first NZ Co-op was born in Otago in the 1880’s, a fledgling company growing with plenty of constraints …It is in desperate need for a second reliable small truck (ute) to assist in collection and distribution of dairy product. I have undertaken to do our best to fund the NZD$30,000 required.

I have setup a Charitable Trust with Rotary New Zealand (all donations receipted) – my hope is that this will be shared with your family, friends and colleagues.If you are willing to forward this domain page onto 20 persons I am sure we will achieve our goal.

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