A principles-centred leadership model for Aotearoa New Zealand’s Food and Fibre sector. 

In 2022, the Food and Fibre Centre of Vocational Excellence commissioned New Zealand Rural Leadership Trust to research and design a leadership development ecosystem for Aotearoa New Zealand’s Food and Fibre sector.

The first report looked at the state of leadership development in the sector.

This new report, A Principles-centred Leadership Model for Aotearoa New Zealand’s Food and Fibre Sector, builds on the findings of that first report.

The Principles-centred Leadership Model proposes three impactful elements. Each element can be considered separately, though real power comes from all three elements being applied together.

The Model states that leaders who truly lead unleash their potential and that of those around them. In doing so, they create an exponential impact for the Food and Fibre sector and for Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Model combines three major elements to be applied holistically:

  1. The Food and Fibre context, which is significant to New Zealand’s wealth and wellbeing, is founded on an entrepreneurial spirit and requires leaders to be grounded practically, environmentally, culturally and in their communities.
  2. Food and Fibre Principles. Feedback from the sector has been distilled down into three leadership principles, people, service, and teams.
    1. Leadership starts with knowing and understanding people – if you wish to influence others, first know yourself.
    2. Leadership is about the service and accountability, not status – you wish to lead, serve.
    3. Leadership is a team sport. Leaders build teams and teamwork – if you wish to generate power, share it.
  3. Three dimensions of true leadership.
    Who we are is at the core of why, what, and how we lead. To truly lead requires more than physical and practical behaviours, it requires more than the psychology of hearts and minds, true leadership requires the leader to do the internal work to truly know themselves, their wairua, and lead from within.

    The best leaders then also see beyond the horizon and lead those they serve through the changing context, for the purpose of a thriving future and in a way that unleashes the potential of those they lead.

If we create pathways for people to develop and take on increasing responsibility in the Food and Fibre sector can have a multiplier effect on Aotearoa’s future prosperity that goes beyond the impact that leadership systems in other sectors can create.

The next phase of this project is the development of the leadership handbook – available 2024.

We look forward to sharing more on the project over the next few months, but should you wish to discuss the leadership model further, please reach out to Lisa Rogers, CEO Rural Leaders, at lisarogers@ruralleaders.co.nz

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