Kellogg Programme One 2023 graduates.

A preview of next month's Kellogg Reports.

Kellogg Programme One 2023 graduated on July 7 after completing their Phase Three at Lincoln. Though in the aftermath of recent weather events, several North Island Scholars have chosen to defer their Phase Three until 2024.

Reports fell into three broad themes, with a total 16 reports. We’ll share those in the next Rural Leader. For now, you could make a note of any reports that may be of interest to you. 

Pictured: First post-presentation panel discussion with Duane Redward, Vanessa Thomson, and Brian Henderson.

Theme 1 – People in Food and Fibre.

Duane Redward – The consequences of the competition for farmer sentiment.

Brian Henderson – What leadership is required to achieve change in New Zealand agriculture?

Vanessa Thomson – How effective are existing psychosocial services in supporting New Zealand Farmers after adverse events.

Steve Hydes – How do early stage Agritech founders use professional

Sol Tejada – Women in beekeeping: how to champion the ladies in the
apiculture industry.

Laura Hancock – Bridging the gap: Exploring the impact of musculoskeletal health on performance and injury risk in the food and fibre sector.

Theme 2 – Future production and processing systems, and market opportunity.

Birch Jenkinson – Current lean production tool use in arable crop production.

Kate Gower-James – How can the opportunity in the expanding global pet food industry be achieved? Pet food growth and opportunities.

Grace McLeay – How might central North Island sheep and beef farmers future proof for the effects of climate change?

Richard Dawkins – Addressing mortality in New Zealand lambing systems.

Theme 3 – Farming, growing and the environment.

Anna Sing – How might freshwater regulations provide certainty for farmers,
while enhancing ecosystem health of Aotearoa’s waterways?

Emily Clark – Aquaculture shellfish processes and 3rd party certification.

Jemima Snook – ESG reporting: measuring and reporting on sustainability for mid to large size farms.

Kristopher Bailey – Regenerative agriculture: how might it fit into New Zealand
farming systems?

Kathryn Broomfield – Utilising technology to achieve sustainable agriculture in New Zealand.

Tracey Reynolds – How do we motivate New Zealand dairy farmers to uptake practises which reduce greenhouse gas emissions on farm?

Make a note of any titles for closer review in next month’s Rural Leader.

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