Kellogg Phase Two – what does it look like? 

One of the highlights of the Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme is the Wellington based, Phase Two. Scholars of the 48th Kellogg Programme (internally referred to as K48), will begin their Phase Two in September.

The week is delivered in a specific order designed to reveal the political and economic context carefully, each step building on the last.  

Dr Scott Champion, will facilitate, expertly introducing Scholars to this part of the Programme. Phil Morrison facilitates on other Kellogg Programmes. Dr Champion deftly fills the spaces between influential speakers, encouraging discussion and imparting his own extensive knowledge, so that the whole experience is as seamless as it is inspiring.  

So, what will Phase Two look like for the Scholars of the 48th Kellogg Rural Leadership programme?

Note, this gives an idea of how any Phase Two will flow. Details and speakers are subject to change. 

Kellogg Phase Two - The Political and Economic Context for Leadership.

Day One 

Dr Champion introduces this phase. 

Lian Butcher talks about the role of local and regional government. Lian is General Manager, Greater Wellington Environment Group

Jessica Smith is a Kellogg Scholar and talks about Māori governance and management, as well as her role as Regional Director of Te Tai Hauāuru

Vangelis Vitalis talks about trade policy and market access.  

Mike Petersen discussion session. Mike wears and has worn many hats, one of which was as SATE, New Zealand’s Special Agricultural Trade Envoy.

He is passionately committed to advancing New Zealand here and on the global stage.  

Day Two

Dr Champion leads each morning with a reflection session, designed to discuss the previous day, draw insights, and connect these with the upcoming speakers. 

Chris Parsons, CEO Rural Leaders will talk Civics (the rights and duties of citizenship) to get the morning underway. 

Nicola Hill and Rachel Groves, cover political structures and processes. Nicola is  Te Whanau a Apanui Takutai Moana Application Lead and was formerly nearly five years with the department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Rachel is a Principal Policy Analyst with the Ministry of Justice. 

Barbara Kuriger, a Member of Parliament for the National party, gives some insights into the inner workings of government. 

Hon. Damien O’Connor, MP for West Coast-Tasman, Minister of Agriculture, Minister for Trade and Export Growth, Biosecurity, Land Information, and Rural Communities. 

Question time, followed by networking at PWC.

Kellogg Wellington phase 2022

Day Three

Reflection session.

Ewan Kelsall and Kevin Hackwell, speak about the role of NGO’s, interest groups and lobbyists. Ewan is a Senior Environmental Policy Advisor for Federated Farmers and Kevin is Group Manager Campaigns and Advocacy for Forest and Bird.

Sam Halstead, speaks about the role of journalism and PR. Sam is Director at Latitude, Strategy and Communication.

Leaders Meetings. Small groups have one-on-ones with Sector leaders. This is a no-holds-barred discussion where leaders share their good decisions, their bad ones and what they would do differently if they could.

Networking function at PWC. The programme dials up the networking during phase two with this opportunity to get in front of industry leaders and policymakers.  

Day Four

Reflection session. 

Anna Rathe, Submissions Workshop 1 and 2. In two parts and delivered either side of lunch, Anna leads this workshop. Anna is a Strategy and Risk Policy Leader with Horticulture New Zealand.  

Sam Halstead, Communications Skills Workshop. Also delivered in two parts, this workshop expertly covers a lot of ground, focusing on the pieces that matter. 

Day Five. 

Reflection session. 

Martin Workman, Chief Advisor at the Ministry for the Environment. Martin leads a ‘big issues’ discussion and talk.  

Project Workshop. This 90-minute session is designed to help develop project topics. It’s a good time to air any challenges Scholars might be facing.
Goal setting and Phase Two close.

Kellogg Wellington phase 2022_group photo

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2023’s January and June intakes at Lincoln. 

Kellogg Programme One, Lincoln: 24 January – 7 July 2023 

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Kellogg Programme Two, Lincoln: 13 June – 30 November 2023 

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