Help us grow Nuffield – 2024 and beyond.

Nuffield Scholars belong to a unique, vibrant, and strong community that continues to create positive change in our Food and Fibre Sector and country.

Increasingly there will be a need for leaders here in New Zealand who have an ability to think critically, who can generate insight and who have a global perspective.

So, tell us about the talented people you know in your industry or region you think have the potential to grow further as a leader. Or suggest they apply.

If you do have someone in mind, they don’t have to be ready to apply for a Scholarship in 2024, but they should be the people you think have the potential to be a Nuffield Scholar at some point in the future.

Tell us about them, so we can tell them about Nuffield. You can email us at or quickly fill out a form here.

If the talented person you have in mind is you, even better.
Nuffield and a healthy dose of self-confidence are a good fit. Register your interest today to receive an application form and to keep up to date on the programme.

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