Global Focus Programme – Solis Norton 2018

Through March and April of 2018 I partook in the Nuffield Global Focus Programme tour. With me were Turi Mcfarlane (New Zealand) and Shannon Notter, a kiwi living in Australia, from Australia Andrew Slade, James Hawkins, and Alison Larard, from Scotland Jenna Ross and from Nova Scotia in Canada Josh Olton.

Over the course of our travels we grew into a tight knit group, having never previously met before. There were many trials and tribulations overcome which gradually helped stick us together as a professional group. There were plenty of social events and hours travelling in close proximity too which stuck us together as friends. Regularly debriefing as a team on the countless discussions we had with hosts, guests, farmers and all the rest was a great help to me at least in forming my thoughts as we travelled.

While we did on occasion use some of the tools Nuffield suggested for managing the team, overwhelmingly it was the positive outlook and desire to make us work as a group that drove our transition from virtual strangers to a professionally effective team of close friends.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their time, thoughts, care, and for looking after me so well.

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