Foundation for Arable Research and Rural Leaders renew Programme Partnership

The New Zealand Rural Leadership Trust (Rural Leaders) is pleased to announce the renewal of the Programme Partnership agreement with the Foundation for Arable Research (FAR).

FAR and Dr Alison Stewart’s involvement with Rural Leaders’ Programmes goes back not too long after the formation of Rural Leaders in 2017.

While arable growers on Rural Leaders’ programmes benefit from FAR’s programme sponsorship and input, FAR also supports the development of leadership and leaders from industries across the Food and Fibre Sector.

The important role FAR and arable growers play cannot be understated. Their work underpins the livestock industries. Growers produce the grass seed for pastures and animal feed in the dairy, beef and poultry industries. Rural Leaders are proud to partner with this key organisation and the industry it supports.

Dr Stewart’s own involvement with Rural Leaders is often hands-on as a regular speaker on the Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme. Kellogg scholars learn about the work FAR does and the role it plays, as well as Dr Stewart’s own leadership journey, experience and insight.

“…you’re able to have some honest and sometimes quite painful discussions about how New Zealand agriculture needs to move into the future and the changes that need to be made. And that cohort of Kellogg leaders are up for those kinds of discussions. I just love it.” Dr Alison Stewart, 2023.

Pictured above is Dr Alison Stewart, Foundation for Arable Research, CEO, and Lisa Rogers, Rural Leaders’ CEO.

Foundation for Arable Research background.
FAR is an applied research organisation responsible to New Zealand’s arable growers. It is involved with funding of arable, maize research and technology transfer.

FAR contributes funds to research programmes, often in collaboration with government funded organisations or universities. Involvement in specific research programmes is driven by the interests of New Zealand’s arable growers.

Research is split between three themes: Maximising productivity and value; Environmental and social best practice; and Resilient cropping in farming systems.

Each year, in consultation with growers across the country, FAR reviews and updates the short, medium and long-term projects within each theme.

Levy funds are also used to secure additional Government funding through programmes such as the Sustainable Food + Fibre Futures Fund.

FAR’s research and extension portfolio supports our vision of A vibrant and profitable arable sector producing healthy, value-added food, feed and seed.

Amongst the work in applied research, the search for new management systems, tools and new technologies to assist growers, FAR also works on supporting growers with compliance and biosecurity.  

“We also promote to the general public, to the other sectors, to the government, the value of arable systems and the value that they bring to New Zealand agriculture.” Dr Alison Stewart, 2023.

Our programmes work in partnership with some of New Zealand’s leading agribusiness organisations – click here for more.​