Did the concept of Te Aute College shape our leaders.

Executive Summary

I will be exploring the topic of Maori leadership that has come from a Maori boarding school since the 19th Century. Te Aute College holds a proud heritage of Maori leadership and this is viewed through stories and generation of students who have attended Te Aute a Maori boarding school for males in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Leadership for Maori communities is an important pathway for our youth to become leaders including a need for developing effective leadership and governance and also look at traditional and contemporary.

Maori leadership, my question is; has the concept of Te Aute College helped shape our leaders.

Leadership has been recognised as an important issue for Maori communities this includes a need to develop effective leadership and governance and explore the different styles of leadership.

I have created a survey to pull information from past pupils to help towards the conclusion of my findings and to hopefully assist Te Aute College in future years to once again establish themselves as one of the greatest Colleges in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

“I cherish the deepest regard for Te Aute for my three years in the College. Laid the foundation for my academic career. It was the teachings at Te Aute and the formation of the Te Aute old boys association that ingrained into myself and others our responsibility to the Maori people”.

This quote is taken from a letter written by Sir Peter Te Rangihiroa Buck in 1951 to the principal of Te Aute College Richard Webb. Buck had an outstanding list of accomplishments while attending he college which shaped his passion for excellence and his contribution to the Maori people.

Did The Concept of Te Aute College Shape Our Leaders – Farrell Chrystal

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