Can generating gas and electricity be the solution to New Zealand dairy effluent management.

Executive Summary

This paper explores the options available to manage effluent within the New Zealand Dairy Industry.

It also clearly investigates why Anaerobic Digestion is not suitable at its current levels of technology to be an option for commercial dairy farms in New Zealand.

  • Only 20 percent of the available effluent is collected in the Cowshed
  • High costs of substrate such as Maize silage
  • Lack of time and skills to manage the running of an AD plant
  • Nutrient levels are still maintained using this system

Then it provides some practical, innovative solutions to manage the effluent.

Using 3 key options for integrated management

  • Bio Crude manufactured using Algae
  • Dung Beetles
  • Precision Farming technology

It also challenges those within the industry to support change, and take action to implement the above solutions for the benefit of all those within the industry.

Can Generating Gas and Electricity be the Solution to New Zealand Dairy Effluent Management. – Natasha King

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