Wool Image: Being Heard in the “Post-Truth” Era.

Executive Summary

This research is in the form of a literature review which is precised here. The post-truth era is defined and accepted as a genuine, although not as a new phenomenon.  Writers are discussed who blame post modernism for the post-truth Era.  In this work the author elucidates the reasons why post modernism and wider philosophy can be seen as part of our coping strategy, for dealing with the post truth world, rather than the cause of this “modern” condition. In addition to an entreaty for a mindset shift towards the state of Aporia (the ever-open mind/ a state of puzzlement where there is joy and adventure in the not-knowing), the author makes four key conclusions- that New Zealand Merino and other organisations need to have/ develop ceaselessly, a defined Purpose, work with Authenticity, embrace Truth and build Connections, developing bands even with unnatural allies. 


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