Tracy Brown on Country Life on Radio New Zealand

On 4 June, our Tracy Brown, one of our 2020 Nuffiled Scholars, was a guest in the Radio New Zealand’s Country Life programme.

In this interview, Tracy talks about her recent experience as a Nuffield Scholar on the National Focus Programme.

Interested in the process of change in Dairy Farming, Tracy is focused on getting dairy farmers onboard with doing the right thing – through improved actions for the environment and better connections with community. A big part of this is improving dairy farming’s social licence to operate, or right to farm – that is, helping the public understand why dairy farmers do what they do.

Listen to the full interview here.

Tracy Brown is 2020 Nuffiled New Zealand Farming Scholar, Chair of the DairyNZ Dairy Environment Leaders Programme, Chair of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards Alumni, and is a farmer representative on the Dairy Environment Leadership Group.

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