Value Chain Innovation Programme.

Delivered by Rural Leaders and Lincoln University.

The Value Chain Innovation Programme will begin in November 2022 with applications closing in just over six weeks’ time on 18 September. 

Learn directly from New Zealand’s most successful value chain leaders. 

Delivery partners Rural Leaders and Lincoln University have together curated an exciting and varied series of value chain case studies across dairy, arable, horticulture, and more.  

By completing this programme you’ll learn directly from the source, gaining unique insights into food and fibre innovation, in both domestic and international markets. This is an opportunity to interact and learn from leaders who have a track record of successful entrepreneurship.

“Increasingly the most successful value chains are those with business models closely aligned to their customers, use protected IP, and provide innovative shared value structures”, says Lincoln University Professor, and Programme Co-facilitator Hamish Gow. 

As you advance through the programme you’ll compare and transpose thinking at a time when the primary industries are going through the biggest period of transformational change since the 1980’s.  

What do you gain from doing the Value Chain Innovation Programme? 

By participating you’ll grow your know-how in the following ways: 

  • learn about value chains and models 
  • learn how to generate and capture value 
  • meet key industry leaders and make connections 
  • learn from Co-facilitators Professor Hamish Gow and Phil Morrison ONZM, both with deep knowledge of NZ and international value chains 
  • form a high-trust cohort of lifelong friends. 

“If you’re in food and fibre, now is the time to be gaining a pan-sector view of as many successful business models as possible”, adds Prof. Gow. 

The programme runs over five weeks, two of which are spent on the road. The remaining time is spent on an (optional) individual research report.  

“The time commitment is 100 hours on field trips, guest lectures and networking, online lectures and discussions, tutorials, and another 50 hours of self-directed learning,” said Prof. Gow.   

The Value Chain Innovation Programme delivery team. 

“As a global leader and thinker in value chain design, innovation and entrepreneurship, Lincoln University’s Professor Hamish Gow is uniquely qualified to impart deeper strategic learning and insight into November’s programme”, says Rural Leaders’ CEO Chris Parsons. 

Co-facilitator Phil Morrison, ONZM, further strengthens the delivery team, “We are also fortunate to have Phil onboard. He brings a different leadership perspective, drawing on a career in military command, and in the delivery of innovation, strategic and leadership training as a consultant. With both Hamish and Phil, we couldn’t hope for a stronger team”, added Chris Parsons. 

Building the Food and Fibre Sector’s leadership capability.  

The programme will give you the competencies, confidence, and networks to influence change and lead transformation at an enterprise level and throughout regional New Zealand.   

“We hope this programme will lead to positive, larger scale change as our graduates continue to grow and contribute to a fast-changing Food and Fibre Sector’, said Chris Parsons.

Ready to grow your business, understanding of value chains, and how NZ’s Food and Fibre Sector works? 

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Applications are open until 18 September and can be made at  

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