The Thermo Kennel: Invest in your hard working friends

Kellogg Programme 30

Business model overview:

The Thermo Kennel” has been designed to keep dogs warmer in winter and cooler

in summer. I launched ‘The Thermo Kennel’ in the  Grass Roots Innovation  Section at Mystery Creek Fielday 2014. From the Fieldays I  took away the grass roots runner  up award, market  validation,  list of 100 potential customers,  concept proofing and market publication.

Core competitive advantage:

The Thermo Kennel captures and retains the dogs body heat through quality insulated walls, floor and door. Through insulation the dog  is  kept  up  to  15 degrees warmer on a winter’s night and cooler  in  the  summer.  For additional money the buyer can choose to purchase the kennel with a collapsible and light weight run that allows the dog freedom of movement.

Mission Statement:

Providing thermally efficient and durable dog kennels to the world.

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The Thermo Kennel: Invest in your hard working friends

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