The Rural Reader: Beyond Betrayal. Review by Dr Patrick Aldwell.

In this Rural Reader, Dr Patrick Aldwell reviews Beyond Betrayal – Trouble in the promised land. Restoring the mission to Māori.

In this era when many of us have been trying to understand New Zealand’s early British settlement history better, Newman discusses an important collection of people, events and misinterpretations that have led to the ongoing complexities behind this history.

Each major topic has its own chapter or chapters, making this book an excellent reference text that helps us understand the continuing frustration of the different parties. There are in my view, three threads that run through the book: land, trust and a cry for unity. 

Many other authors and researchers have discussed these topics and continue to do so – and will probably have a different view. It is important as leaders that you read about these themes as we enter a period of continuing debate on The Treaty/Te Tiriti, and when Aotearoa New Zealand’s historical context has become a more recognised part of our education system. 

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