The Rural Reader. April book review.

The Rural Reader – Book reviews by
Dr Patrick Aldwell.

Late in 2022, with the advent of ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) took a great leap into our everyday lives, especially in education.

ChatGPT, one of several generative chatbots, is just one of many AI applications that more and more of us use every day. Kissinger (one of the world’s leading statesmen) and friends, highlight many other uses especially in business, agriculture, and medicine (including the identification of an antibiotic that until now was unknown to humanity).

Led by an author who is a genuine big-picture thinker, this book provides a dispassionate view of current uses and opportunities that new AI tools could provide. In my view, this book helps us better understand the considerable implications and opportunities for our young people as they navigate their AI-derived futures.

Patrick Aldwell
April 13, 2023

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