Reg Dalzell

(April 1926 – March 2017)

Reg was awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 1963. He travelled on his Scholarship during 1964, spending 6 months in the United Kingdom then the United States of America, looking at wheat and meat production. He took the opportunity to go to France looking at fodder radish, and sugar beet production.After his Scholarship, he returned to the farm at Browns, Southland, where he stayed for the next five years.

In 1968, he was appointed as the New Zealand Department of Foreign Affairs Farm Management Expert to the Thailand Land Development Department for a two year term. This was extended in 1970 with working stints following in Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and West Malaysia.

He and wife Doris set up their own business based in Singapore, as Dalzell & Associates, agriculture consultants. A few of the projects over the next 14 years included; time on an oil palm estate in Kluang, Malaysia, using the waste products of oil palm manufacture to make feed for swamp buffalo; revegetating a bauxite mine in Sungai Rengit on the south tip of Malaysia; and also established a flock of sheep – Coopworths crossed with local sheep.
Reg’s contribution to the Southland community was through Rotary, being a member and official with Cromwell & Invercargill clubs as well as various community associations.

In true Nuffield fashion he & Doris hosted and retained strong links with many internationals, particularly from his Nuffield studies.
Doris died 10 days after Reg a few days short of her 95th birthday.

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