Saves you asking – Kellogg FAQ’s.

The following questions and answers relate to 2024’s Programme Two, however they are likely to be accurate and relevant for some time into the future. 

What is the total time commitment for the Programme?

18 days face to face, 50 days on individual research, all within a six-month span. The recommended time commitment is about 300 hours to complete your individual research report.

Do you have any tricks or tips for completing my application?

Get started sooner. Don’t bury the good stuff. Read it out loud. More tips and tricks are available on our website.

Is there a specific area that I have to study?

Scholars have the freedom to pursue a topic of personal and professional interest. Whatever the topic, you should aim to stretch you knowledge and understanding of it.

Should I have a research topic in mind before I start the Programme?

Yes, that is ideal. Often your topic is in plain sight and is something you’re genuinely interested in. If you do not have an exact topic in mind, arrive with some ideas you might like to discuss further.

What speakers, or industry leaders can I expect to hear from, or meet during the Programme?

We bring a cross-section of industry leaders and experts to the Programme. They’ll present to you, coach you, share stories and network with you. Some of the people you may hear from, or meet, include global leaders in agribusiness, CEO’s, politicians, owners of well-known private businesses in food and fibre, media operators e.g., PR consultants.

You may also hear from Rural Leaders’ Partners, including: Beef + Lamb New Zealand, Zespri, DairyNZ, Rabobank, Farmlands Cooperative, and more.

Can I get University credits for my Kellogg?

Yes, both Lincoln and Massey Universities have accredited Kellogg and are offering credits towards post-graduate degrees. You can opt into a Postgraduate Certificate in Commerce, giving you 60 credits towards the 180 required credits for a Lincoln University taught master’s degree.

You can also elect to use your 60 credits towards a master’s degree at Massey University. Another option is the Recognised Prior Learning (RPL), which can be credited towards a postgraduate qualification.

How long does the report have to be? How many pages?

We get asked this a lot. It’s 10,000 words. That’s roughly 20 pages (at ten point font).

How do I know if I am eligible to do a Kellogg?

The Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme is for mid-career professionals either behind or in front of the farm gate. It is for those who are emerging strategic leaders, perhaps transitioning from operational or technical roles to a more generalist leadership role – or intend to at some point in the future.

Do I need to have been to University? Do I need to work on a farm?

No you don’t. To both questions.

How many people are on each programme?

We have an upper limit of approximately 24 Scholars for each programme.

What are the selection criteria?

In any application we like to see a capacity to contribute to the learning process. We select Scholars from a mix of backgrounds and regions, as well as pan-sector representation. This enriches discussions, expands knowledge sharing and the cross-pollination of ideas.

What is the full cost of the Programme?

The fee is $6,995 +GST. The actual delivery of the Programme costs approximately $21,000 per person, but the shortfall is covered by our strategic and programme partners: AGMARDT, FMG, Beef + Lamb New Zealand, DairyNZ, Mackenzie Charitable Foundation, Horticulture NZ, FAR, Farmlands Cooperative, MPI, Rabobank, Zespri, and LIC.

Do I need to organise my own travel?

Yes, you travel the way that’s most convenient. We provide assistance by booking accommodation for the whole group.

Our programmes work in partnership with some of New Zealand’s leading agribusiness organisations – click here for more.​