Nuffield Triennial Conference Update: Michael Tayler

The last six months has been a very busy time for our Triennial Nuffield 2020 committee. With now only around 15 months until we have delegates arriving for our conference, we are very aware we still have a lot to do.  

Our aim is to produce a world-class conference that will showcase New Zealand’s innovative and leading edge agri-food sector. Highlighting Maori agriculture and demonstrating innovation and sustainability in our businesses. 

Some of the things we have been focusing on are; 


  • We have created a promotional video to be played at the individual countries conferences and will be putting another video out before registrations open 
  • We have created a basic website that we will continually add to  
  • We have set up social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter @Nuffield2020 and #Nuffield2020. 
  • NZ Alumni have been emailed a ‘save the date’ announcement including ways they can help 
  • International Alumni have been emailed a ‘save the date’ announcement with a program overview  
  • We have selected approximately 20 ‘Triennial Ambassadors’ from different year groups to help us promote the Triennial in their countries  

Biennial & Triennial Program 

  • Confirmed dates are:
    – Biennial  20th– 21st March 2020 
    –  Triennial 22nd-29th March 2020
    –  Technical tours 30th March – 1st April 2020 
  • We have selected catering and accommodation options 
  • We have spent time researching in the Central Otago and Canterbury regions looking at potential field trip options  
  • We have also put together a Program overview (attached: Triennial A4 Program Overview 181018). 


  • We have created a sponsorship prospectus document with insets for different levels of sponsorship 
  • Have been approaching targeted companies to become a partner of Nuffield 2020 

There is no doubt though that raising a sufficient level of sponsorship will have a key impact on our ability to put together a world-class conference so if any of the alumni have some suggestions, contacts or ideas regarding sponsorship we would welcome them. 

Finally, for our conference to be successful, we will need the help and support of our New Zealand alumni. This is a unique opportunity to show the rest of the world New Zealand agriculture at its best and we would love you to be a part of it.  

So please put 20th March – 1st April 2020 into your diaries now. We look forward to seeing you all in March 2020! 


Michael Tayler 


Nuffield Triennial 2020 

Our programmes work in partnership with some of New Zealand’s leading agribusiness organisations – click here for more.​