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Good to Great Extension – Influencing on farm change at pace and scale

Knowledge and skill alone does not result in practice change. Verbal persuasion, even well-articulated has low impact. Great extension is about a consistent focus on delivering to farmer needs that are self identified as well as those from gap analysis and doing it in a way that results in practice change.

Drivers of Innovation Adoption

The ability of a business to compete in an ever changing world is linked into its ability to identify and adopt innovations. Introducing new ideas, alternate systems and different technologies enable a business to change and meet the market, it maintains competitiveness and relevance in an ever changing world.

Business Plan for the NZ Sheep Dairy Industry

New Zealand pioneered the export of frozen sheep meat in 1882 and continues to be a world leader in many aspects of sheep breeding, meat and wool production and product development for both domestic and international markets. However we have never had a significant sheep milk industry and the question is why – or more importantly, why not?
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