First, Catch Your Crayfish – Linking New Zealand Food Producers and Consumers for everyone’s benefit.

Executive Summary

New Zealand produces enough premium quality, safe food to feed approximately 40 million people (McCready, Tim. July 19th 2018).  It could safely be assumed then that accessing such amazing quality food in the region or even country of production would be an easy ask.  This is not always the case. Currently New Zealand’s economy is heavily based around food and produce exports.

In a time when food quality and safety is top of mind for purchasers it would make sense to give local New Zealand residents ready access to the best and freshest of what we produce.

Top New Zealand chefs are beginning to search for and cook with premium quality locally produced and foraged produce but are finding it extremely hard to source a consistent supply.  They are looking for premium local produce with a verifiable story to tell their customers. 

To allow consumers and food service kitchens access to our best and freshest produce, New Zealand needs a system which links producer and customer with premium produce via short, profitable supply chains.

This report aims to answer the question “Does the formation of a sales platform linking food producers and consumers in New Zealand have merit?” 

Shorter supply chains and closer linkage between producer and consumer will allow more communication, in-depth understanding and the formation of relationships to benefit all parties. 

I recommend an industry good organisation undertakes an in-depth survey of New Zealand food producers asking about their potential utilisation of such a sales platform.  Utilising these results, I recommend that group also facilitates the creation of a platform which is locally based with the minimal amount of administrative and financial setup requirements as possible. 

I recommend that price remains an important consideration for participating producers, the value of the provenance and production story must be matched with affordability for consumers.

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