Financial rewards within a sustainable kiwifruit business.

Executive Summary

This report was written with the aim of exploring how other successful businesses within the Primary Industry can gain a higher premium on their products to give a competitive advantage and exclusive brand positioning. I wanted to see if there are any lessons that can be learnt and adopted by Zespri and Growers to gain an even higher premium on their produce for being a Sustainable supplier.

The research methods included:

  1.  A literature review
  2. An interview with three Primary Industry based operations
  3. A case study review of three Primary Industry based operations
  4. An online survey of Growers and Post-Harvest Kiwifruit entities

Key findings included:

  • Many New Zealand businesses are taking tentative steps into the world of sustainability
  • Businesses see competitive benefits from acting sustainably
  • Many leaders are aiming to seize sustainability leadership within their sectors over the medium term

This report was compiled with the help of many different people within the Primary Industries within New Zealand.

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