Alumni in the Spotlight – Michael Tayler, Tessa Appleby and more.

It has been a busy time for alumni. This selection of news items is a nowhere near  adequate summary – possibly a good problem to have. For now the Spotlight is on Michael Tayler, Tess Appleby, Lucie Douma, Matt Iremonger, James Allen, and Carlos Bagrie.

Michael Tayler, 2012 Nuffield Scholar.

Michael featured in Farmers Weekly recently in an article covering both he and his brother’s work in Japan. In the article Michael said there are a small number of Canterbury growers supplying carrots to Juice Products New Zealand for health-conscious consumers in Japan.

“It is an interesting story, and really satisfying to see New Zealand carrot juice on the supermarket shelves in Japan,” says Michael Tayler.

Take a read of the Farmers Weekly article.

Lucie Douma, 2022 Nuffield Scholar.

Lucie Douma will be speaking at E Tipu 2024. Another great reason to attend, either in-person or online. Lucie’s report ‘Data sharing to achieve data interoperability’ discusses the need to find a better way of collecting, managing, and using information on our farms as part of the decision-making process – and for this we need data interoperability and data sharing of systems.


Lucie is Head of Client Strategy and Advice at FMG Lucie has been instrumental in shaping strategies that resonate with the needs of the modern farmer, focusing on innovation and resilience in the face of changing agricultural landscapes.

See Lucie’s full bio for E Tipu here.

Get your tickets for E Tipu 2024 here.


Matt Iremonger, 2023 Nuffield Scholar.

Matt was interviewed a couple of weeks ago on the CountryWide Podcast. Where his Nuffield report ‘What’s the beef? Opportunities for beef on dairy in New Zealand’, was discussed, specifically the issue of non-replacements (1.8 million calves are slaughtered annually at 4-7 days).

Listen to the podcast here.

Matt’s Nuffield report looks at the opportunity for beef on dairy to shift the value chain from dysfunctional to functional.

In a supporting article by Sarah Perriam-Lampp, he also featured in CountryWide, Beef Country Autumn, pages 15-18. Check the article, ‘World’s best grass-fed steak’. To partially quote the article flavour text, ‘Handpicked genetics, farm systems and top-notch grading to be crowned the best…’

You can read the article here.

James Parsons also features in this issue on the use of Halter in hill country. Nick Jolly, 2023 Kellogg Scholar lends his expertise with an article on page 13. Upcoming 2024 Kellogg Programme Two Scholar and John Daniell Memorial Trust Scholarship winner, Rachel Joblin has written an article on integrated farm planning (pages 20 and 21).

James Allen, 2023 Nuffield Scholar.

James was also interviewed on the CountryWide Podcast where he discussed his report, ‘Redefining excellence in agribusiness advisory. The role of the rural advisor in the modern world’.

You can listen to this podcast here.

James’ report explores the challenges faced by the rural advisor in a farming world striving to feed an ever-increasing population whilst also reducing its environmental footprint. This report gives guidance as to how the rural advisor might continue to add value to farmers in this fast-changing context.


Tessa Appleby, 2023 Kellogg Scholar.

Tessa features in several recent articles, including Farmers Weekly. This piece covers the impact of Cyclone Gabrielle and the loss of her home.

The article also covers Tessa’s Kellogg research which aimed to review and analyse the current understanding and perception of Bovine TB among farmers and industry professionals.

The research report explored aspects of BovineTB management strategy and a human-centred approach to its eradication. 

One significant aspect of the findings was the importance of storytelling in creating empathy and understanding. 

“Sharing people-centered stories and case studies can complement technical information and foster a deeper understanding of disease management strategies,” Tessa said. 

You can read Tessa’s Kellogg report ‘Eradicating complacency’ here.


Carlos Bagrie, 2024 Nuffield Scholar.

Most readers will know about Royalburn’s new beer Swifty. Carlos Bagrie worked closely with Garage Project to produce a refreshing and highly accessible beer, made from the Station’s own barley. You can read the article here (scroll to page 34). 

Nuffield featured on an episode of Nadia’s Farm recently Season 2, Episode 6. If you are all signed up for TV3 OnDemand, check it out. (Image is on the steps of the Beehive just prior to the Nuffield Awards, November 2023).

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