Adding value to Onions

Executive Summary

This paper is aiming to add value to second grade onions that unable to be sold locally or exported. The aim was to understand what could be done with them to make them more saleable in the market place here and overseas.

It is very early on looking into the process of adding value to second grade onion, by freeze drying or dehydration. While freeze drying has been the obvious first choice due to the lack of nutrition loss during the process and longer shelf life. The cost of investment is high for freeze drying which results in a high cost product to sell into the market place.

While looking into the adding value to second grade onions by freeze drying, the following areas were researched:

  • Difference between Freeze drying and Dehydrating,
  • Understand the freeze drying process,
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Freeze Drying,
  • Financial analysis of freeze drying costs,

The paper recommends that this is looked into further as from what I have obtained this is a viable business. Margins are not overly high while contracting freeze drying, but once business is established and is it is feasible to purchase a Cuddon Freeze Dryer the margins would increase substantial.

Download and read the full report here

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