The Nuffield Scholarship Programme

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The award offers the opportunity for overseas travel, study of the latest developments in a number of leading agricultural countries, and provides an entrée to leaders and decision makers not accessible to the ordinary traveller.The Trust comprises those previous scholars who recognise the benefits they and New Zealand agriculture have enjoyed as a result of the sharing of the Nuffield experience.
The Trust assists past scholars to continue to share the benefits of their scholarship, to share new experiences and ideas and to locate and foster potential new leaders for New Zealand agriculture in its many forms.
In addition, the New Zealand Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust provides a network for information through newsletters, the website and conferences between former scholars to keep them up to date with Trust developments.
This site tells you more about the Nuffield organisation, its history, its future and the opportunities it presents.
Our mission is to develop leadership and excellence in all aspects of New Zealand agriculture and we are happy to share this with you.

Our programmes work in partnership with some of New Zealand’s leading agribusiness organisations – click here for more.​