Photo gallery of the 2012 Nuffield NZ Biennial conference

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Twizel conference 2012 and photo gallery Nuffield New Zealand has hosted, in May, a very successful conference in Twizel. These conferences are for the Nuffield Alumni   to get together and enjoy the opportunity to network, socialise and debate any current issues in the primary industry sector.
The Twizel conference focussed on the ongoing water debate in the Mackenzie Basin and created a lot of lively discussion in the bus between visits. Interestingly, at the other important part of the conference when the returning scholars reported back, several of the scholars focused on similar issues. Paul McGill discussed Catchment strategies along with Nicola Waugh whose study looks at the changing agricultural landscape and effect of regulations within this environment.
Ian Knowles delivered a lively discussion around the need for NZ education providers to work together collaboratively to achieve the educational outcomes the rural sector needs. David Campbell started off  with and entertaining and enlightening “pub quiz” to highlight our lack of knowledge of everyday life and culture in India and China, then moving on to raise the awareness of their future as our trading partners. Desiree Reid’s  presentation followed with an in depth look at co-<wbr></wbr>operatives and governance structures.
The organising committee, headed by Don McFarlane, put together a well thought out schedule culminating in a very wet look at Mt Cook, a night in Tekapo and a look around intensive horticulture and associated packing and distribution in South Canterbury.
Thank you to all the organising committee for all the time you put in to creating a very enlightening few days in the Mackenzie Basin.
For more information please contact:
Barbie Barton, NZ Nuffield Scholarship Trust, 06 304 9495

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