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2015 Nuffield Scholars

A diverse group of rural New Zealanders has been chosen as the latest crop of Nuffield Scholars.

2014 Nuffield New Zealand Conference

Join the team in the geothermal Capital of New Zealand where exciting alternative uses of Geothermal Energy are being utilized to grow our agricultural industries.

Awards Function for 2016 Scholars

The 2016 scholars will be announced at an Awards Function at Parliament on 29th October 2015. Nuffield Alumni who may be in town and able to attend would be welcome.

What are our 2014 Scholars up to?

The 2014 Scholars are thinking outside the square with how they present their experiences with plans to present at the Australian Nuffield Conference on “The global trends as we saw them as a team”.

Social Licence To Operate or Licence to Produce

I was interested by the fact that many felt that NZ was perhaps the country feeling some of the most significant scrutiny, with a few people commenting on the fact that New Zealand’s farmers are now considered to be on the table of social standing at about the same level as the politicians.

The Tiny Country That Feeds The World

We also heard about research at Waginengen University in The Netherlands which has highlighted a natural variation for photosynthesis in plants. With this knowledge they are hoping to breed crops in the future which make better use of photosynthesis – opening the possibility for much higher yields and capture of carbon dioxide.

The Future As We Know It

There was virtually no mention of the role of energy in agriculture. Nor discussion of the risk or impact of restrictions on production and trade resulting from emissions regulations or high energy costs. I found this deeply alarming.
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