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The 2017 Nuffield International Triennial Conference provides a two-week spotlight on British farming, food and rural enterprise, with a programme of visits and events to showcase the very ‘Best of British’ in farming, food, technology and our diversified rural landscape. 3RD JUNE - 15TH JUNE

NZ Inc is dead in the water

We are too hung up on the value of having NZ on the product and have compromised our messaging because of that.

A new way for inclusive answers

A degree in geography meant professionally Sam Lang spent much time observing the land and how people interacted with it, not always in the most harmonious manner.

The Hunger Winter And The Evolution Of Subsidies

As a New Zealand farmer, we often hear about the long term subsidies paid to farmers in the EU, without ever understanding why these subsidies were introduced in the first place.

New Zealand should be a big conservation park

Farming, conservation and tourism need to go hand in hand for New Zealand's future, Whakahoro farmer and entrepreneur Dan Steele says. He was one of New Zealand's four Nuffield Scholars last year, and what he learned overseas strengthened views he had from the outset.

New Zealand story needs a plot

New Zealand agriculture must write a clear plot on what it wants its story to be or risk becoming less relevant in the global food mosaic, Nuffield Scholar Jessica Bensemann says.

A world of threats, opportunities

New Zealand’s pastoral agriculture risks finding itself the fuel for the hype surrounding synthetic food and should move quickly to resonate with consumers, Nuffield Scholar Richard Fowler says.
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